Tuesday, November 8, 2016

North Half Unnatural Deficiency

 This will be "over the head" of most humanoids who identify with their current incarnate configuration as some personality they call "me." 

It may be of value for those who are contacting, or establishing, or remembering, their Higher Self; who have the sense they need to re-build a Bridge or Antahkarana to this Ancient Higher Consciousness. I am saying that this Bridge or Umbilicus once existed, but it was broken in what has been called the Fall, the separation of Heaven from Earth.

( I have to cut and paste in from many "downloads" from my inner journeys. Just absorb the imagery and don't try to fight to make fit and overlap all the structures I describe. It is very simple at root but it has fractured out into all kinds of religious-spiritual and imaginative astral images.There are many facets on the prism but it is of One simple Whole )
To understand where I am coming from, you need familiarize yourself with the Saturn Sun theory. There are many scholars and sites coalating information. Here is just one I came across with an outline:

Most sites confine themselves to physical descriptions of what happened, based on mythological records around the world; to this is added a logical underpinning from what we are learning now in astronomy and the origins of our current solar system. Here are chief points:
  • Most exoplanets found today are born in the proximity of Brown Dwarf stars
  • Brown dwarfs being cooler, planets can form much closer, even within their heliosphere.
  • Stars can exude water. Google "star water"
  • Even huge planets can form close to Brown dwarfs. The out-moded accetion disk model based on gravity is undermined in every planet we explore in our system. It is a "fruit salad" mix, not consistent at all with the disc model. Instead it looks like a series of captures "cut and pasted" our solar system together.
  • Earth was part of a Brown dwarf star system that got captured in our present star Sol within recent memory of mankind. 
  • Our sky overhead was vastly different, with Saturn as dim sun, and Venus and Mars directly over the North Pole.
  • How this system came apart and planets moved, with flaring cosmic lightning bolts, Venus as terrifying comet, Mars scarred; is recorded in mythology worldwide, and such plasma flares also on rock art.
  • Said imagery remains in our race psyche on a subconscious level. How Earth went from calm Golden Age inside the "Egg" of the Saturn System, from a dim Chaos overhead, through a flare up of Saturn giving us the First Day and Fiat Lux; how Earth got its tilt and seasons; how the "gods" warred overhead; and how it all finally settled out with Saturn demoted to a gas giant further away, and Sol our new adopted father, and our memories of a once peaceful bountiful Eden now shattered by cataclysms tearing our family apart, Earth ripped from the "womb" and humanity filled with a fear of a now punishing God who must be propitiated with sacrifice of blood; priesthoods and sescret societies trying to figure how how to get on God's good side; and the thread of the mentality of an abused shocked child that persists down to the sociopathy of the ruling elite in Banking, Wars, and Empire: the Zero-Sum Game of Thrones.
I come at this material from a spiritual consciousness therapy viewpoint. I believe in racial memory and approach it "shamanically" as one who tries to go deep within Old Memory, and excise the Trauma.

A simple meme might help, and I suspect Geo. Lucas who as an artist tuned into the subconscious: Saturn once a benevolent star and loving Mother/Father, was traumatized and turned into Darth Vader. Dark times followed, but even Darth had once been of the Light. And just as we individucally can go therapy, regression, auditing, recall, soul retrieval... we can dig out the thorn in the psyche, remove the Engram, defuse the poison drip... all through Recall and Re-Membering.

Many sages have asked "HOW did Mankind wander into darkness and amnesia? How did we get off the Natural Order?"  In esoteric work there is an effort to wake up contact with our "North Half," i.e, the chakras above the Heart center. Most of Mankind (which I also encode/decode as M*N-kind.... see if you can figure out why!) lives in the Sourh Half of body awareness, the mini-drama of the Little Self. It is the Hero's Journey to find a way back Home, and this means reactivating the North Half centers, and finding a greater identity for ourselves as Souls, entities on a much longer timeline.

And so, I think I have uncovered a cause for this imbalance: namely that the electrical flow or Circulation of the Tao, through our energy channels, was a microcosm of the Wholeness of the Saturn Sun Egg Pneumatic Ovum we were part of. When then System broke apart, our Upper World connection was distorted, and we experienced a "Fall."  Just as a child can be psychosomatically injured by family trauma, scarred and closed off, so Mankind has been scarred. The spiritual life and memory of other worlds should be natural to us; instead people struggle with every manner of practice and method to amplify the "Still Small Voice" within, to get re-connected to Something we feel we have lost. So here we go!

M*N-kind, as a microcosm or replica in miniature of the macrocosm, was originally “made in God’s image” just as a seed is a miniature replication unit of the expanded whole.

M*N-kinds original world in the Saturn Sun womb was that of our God Star and we as daughter within its heliosphere pneumatic ovum, and an umbilicus between called the World Tree, Skambha, Caduceus of Mercury.

The Gnostics spoke of the Pleroma, a groping towards the memory of what was once known as the Wholeness of God the Good, the God above the "God" (or Demiurge who presides over the distorted Matrix model of Reality we find ourselves in). Some decode Pleroma as the zero-point field, but my shamanic journeys back toward Source have found a better referent, based on what we have Re-MEM-bered of our former life in the Golden Age, when we lived inside the Womb Egg or the Saturn Sun System. 

If you try to feel-know (gnosis) yourself into the "zero-point field," there is nothing there but a philsophical concept, a nothingness, a Nirvana of Extinguishment, because we would be at Vector Equilibrium, where there is no Observer, no Self/Other configuration whereby we are able to Know.

"Philo-sophical" means "A Lover of Sophia." and we mean Lover in the "Biblical" sense, the feeling of flesh-Mother-Substance.  Feel-know yourself into being a babe on its mother's breast, held by Her, in love with Her, pulling on the Flow of Milk from Her, at One with Her.

I say that the best referent for "Plenum" is the MEM-ory when we were a Child in the Womb of the Saturn Sun System, electrically connected by the Umbilical Tree of Life, when we were part of a Family consisting of our God Star, His Wife, and Earth the Child. This Family structure was Eden.

Consider these images from deep Earth memory. Adam-Eve is the Child as Gaia, wet-water flesh world of biological gendered lifeforms, for Angel Spirits to "come down" and incarnate into.

The Tree in the middle wrapped with the Serpent is the E.lectrical umbilicus, the World Tree, the Skambha, that connected Heaven to Earth; the Serpent being representation of the twisting Birkeland Currents. 
And all of this within the embrace of the Heliosphere, the Pneumatic Ovum of God Mother/Father.

Our referent for Plenum is God-Mother-Father System; our referent for Sophia is likewise the memory of this Mother-feeling relationship we had as Child in the "Plenum." 

This composite image shows the Root Brown Dwarf Sun "Egg", the electrical umbilicus within this Womb/Tomb, and some images from race memory that dimly reconstruct the groped for gnosis in Re-MEMBERING Who we were.

download full size and other images at http://cista.net/alzor
To understand the Saturn Sun system learn of the Electric Universe model, starting at www.thunderbolts.info. See if these video images stir something in you of that Alien Sky not so long ago:

Because the period in human history when the Saturn Sun System came apart, with Venus going all Kali crazy on us, and Mars scared by interplanetary lightning bolt discharges, our memory of Mother/Father Saturn was traumatized. The Brown Dwarf star was converted to a gas giant and banished to distance in the sky. The Trauma inverted the psychic forces of many, and our inheritance of Secret Societies groping to recover some sense of connection, or propitiating a G*D gone mad, has led to the perversions in the Ruling Parasitical classes.

Saturn Sun became Darth Vader, and the Empire of the Traumatized has metastasized into the cancer of Control by self-loathing Light-denying sociopaths in human form. Like the Christian never examing the cruel nature of the Jehovah they worship, when many look back at the Field Memory of Saturn, all they can see is a creature of Darkness, home to demons,  See some images at the very end, from videos that try to explain who Sophia was, or Baphomet, or Saturn. All they can see is Evil, but this is only the Darkness of Denial of Re-MEMBERING at the core of their schizophrenic religions.

If M*N-kind is to be healed and recover our capacity for Greatness, we have to go Home, and put Humpty-Dumpty back together again! You must face the Shadow and the layers of Fear and Destruction we passed through. George Lucas ("of the Light") tapped into the meme of the Fall. Remember, Darth Vader ("Death Father") was once a Jedi of the Light, until he was traumatized and his forces inverted.

We will develop this more fully in another future post. It is a lot to contain and I am getting a bit weary but I want to get it out there. For sure I am not the only one who is getting this massive download.

Right now I am just focusing on making the point that when this System broke up, it unbalanced our North Half-South Half chakra system. A traumatic engram which has acted "epigenetically" upon our energy field structure.

This relation or circulation from Upper World to Lower World, from high frequency plasma “air-fire” Upper World to lower frequency “water-earth-flesh” world, and the umbilicus which had nutrient flow which we may call “blood of the Phoenix” which is “fire” (high freqs) contained in a vesture of “water” (lower freqs) or “skin,” was our normal circulatory reality.

We walked with G*D in the Garden.

In this Golden Age Edenic setup, related in mythology, there was an  Upper World Fire/Air, and Lower World Water/Earth. Those below could travel up to heaven and commune with those in “heaven.” When the flesh body eventually died, the consciousness of the “dead” traveled up the Ladder for renewal and rest, and then returned.

High freq beings (angels”) traveled down to incarnate in low freq bodily form, vestures, i.e., flesh animal bio-forms. Communication or flow between the worlds allowed for a Middle Substance vesture to evolve, the “soul.” The soul was a way station, a turn-a-bout point, a midpoint, wherein the experience and MEMory of earth lives could be stored, an akashic repository that sped up the incarnation circulation.

When we lived in the Whole System we were balanced and the microcosmic orbit flowed and synced with the macrocosmic. Once the System broke, the Upper World in M*N was diminished and the terrestrial forces in South Half began to predominate.

The illustration below shows on the left, the old Saturn Sun system when a full spectrum of frequencies from high to low circulated, from Fire down to Earth. In the middle we see M*N then (in the Garden) with his centers, a microcosm with Upper (North) and Lower (South) worlds in balance. On the right we see how the North Half frequencies (elements) in M*N-kind was reduced and M*N-kind went out of the “natural order.”

THUS. M*N-kind on Earth is DEFICIENT in North Half cosmic forces. If there were a “gas gauge” to show this imbalance it might look like this below

. Normally we think of Fire as forces that go up; and Water as forces that go down; but they come together in the MAN state, which I encode as M*N, as this is where high frequency “angelic” “fire” beings come “down” to incarnate into wet flesh “water” bodies. M*N is the crucible wherein Nature brings together the extremes of the vibratory spectrum. It is said that only in the M*N state can enlightenment be achieved, when the forces are counter-balanced and we enter into the Silence, which is not a no-thing, but rather the delicate balance of all vectors in balance, in the Scales of the Cosmic Heart.

In the Old Cycle which we are leaving (during descent into Kali Yuga and increasing reification) some of the “standard” solutions used to try to fix this deficiency were:

Ø  Force lower South Half energies into North through concentration, focus, mediation, breathwork
Ø  suppression of sex in asceticism to (hopefully) carry up generative force
Ø  hatha yoga
Ø  reinstituting microcosmic orbit (Taoism)
Ø  import energy from outside, earth and cosmos (Taoism)
Ø  hugging a tree (Vitvan)
Ø  hang out for darshan with gurus
Ø  focusing on crown chakra (Vitvan)
Ø  kriya yoga: anal squeeze up prana (Yogananda)

This next section is addressed to the students of Vitvan, a master who tried to unravel how we got off the Natural Order, or "fell" from what he termed "Mind Level."  He was born in 1888 in the Old Cycle, and despite his own level of initiation and understanding, and his desire to modernize the Sacred Sciences of consciousness development, using analogies to modern science... he came to the end of his days in 1964, and had not really found a way to wake up students, with the exception of a few who were ready anyway.

As a student who lived as SNO Home Farm for 10 years, and who has studied and PRACTICED other methodologies, integrating them with Vitvan's descriptions of the Journey and its signposts, I found that in the mature days of my practice, the re-introduction of psychedelics and empathogens really open the doors at last, and put the frosting on the cake. Ralpsh deBit, as Vtivan, granted freedom to try out such things, but he personally had some cognitive dissonance on the issue. He stuck to his Old Cycle methods, even though confessing they had a low effectiveness, and thus when the 60's came in with a New Wave presentment of the New Cycle, he couldn't adjust to the (drumroll....) use of DRUGS. And to this day, neither can the remnants of his School run by repressed old grannies. They missed the boat. They'll remain dying off, standing on the shore, while the Boat of the New Cycle leaves them behind.

Psychoactives have always had an historical role, even in the Older and Earlier roots of all esoteric studies. The reason that so few can move ahead in their spiritual practice to have REAL and DEEP and PROFOUND experiences of Spirit is because Prohibitionists and Priests want to suppress anything that might take control of the masses out of their hands as Gatekeepers.

So here I offer up some Vitvan commentary on HOW drugs can be useful. See if this gibes with the position of the Retarded Board at SNO who run from any discussion or willingness to learn something NEW. They have betrayed the Teachings by dogmatizing it into rules and ritual repetition of dead letter texts.

Here’s what Vitvan says in Nine Steps on the Ladder of Development:

“We designate the directing of this creative force (the ladder) as the only way out. It is like the serpent which Moses lifted up on the staff in the wilderness journey. Those individuals who looked upon it were saved, and those who refused to look were destroyed. Those who look upon the force and direct it to the aperture will find the way out.
In the allegorical story of the journey out of Egyptian bondage, Moses was leading the children of Israel to the Promised Land, the Noetic level. He held up the serpent on the rod and commanded them to look. He was telling them to recognize the creative power. The serpent has been used as the symbol for wisdom as well as for the creative power, but there can be no wisdom until the creative power has been lifted, directed to the Mind level. So Moses lifted the serpent up and said, “Look upon it!”  That is the opposite of either condemning it or ignoring it. That is an allegorical approach to our first step called recognition.”

Vitvan recognizes that there is something wrong with humans, particularly in this Aristotelean period of excess objectification.

Vitvan says in Cosmology: The aristotelian earthlings never suspect this radiantly beautiful world which lies so close, in which they really function and by which they are clothed! An aphanitic veil envelops the psyche of these earthlings which prevents or retards the quickening; we say they are asleep or laboring under a semantic blockage from which they must awaken before the World of the Wondrous around them can be seen and otherwise experienced.

But was there another older lost method to supplement our energetic Field with the diminished frequencies, as food for the spirit? What of the lost Kykeon? Or the use of the Soma drink in Vedic times? What did these “Soma medicines” contain, or how did they work? They were universally lauded by those ancients as effective, not considered artificial or detrimental, but rather as a Gift and Grace from higher guiding Beings, and with this nutritional energy “supplement” states of high awareness were realized.

To this day, we look backward wondering why there were prophets then, but not now, or how come the wisdom we try to reconstruct is still called the ANCIENT wisdom?

Soma and Kykeon were psychoactive substances. Psychedelics. So yes, there is and was another lawful methodology:

Ø  To vivify the auric field with substances containing high frequency “fire” that can overlay a high-freq pattern onto the colloidal substance, unblocking perception of (or amplifying) the signal of the I AM   so that the Intelligence can function, come through the instrument... so that we can function more adequately. 

So would Vitvan be against the use of “drugs” to alter perception; or, if our system is out of balance, could some “drugs” correct this underlying condition that keeps us blinded by an “aphanitic veil?”

Let us set aside what the Prohibitionists say he said, and take a look:

Vitvan makes an analogy that Drugs can be used to repair the instrument (“radio”) so that the signal from the Intelligences can be more clearly received. Thus a “drug” can be a tool, used to impose a corrective pattern upon the colloidal configuration that is out of whack. Here alone he entirely makes my case:

Let us say we have a radio and the reception is not clear; i.e., the waves-frequencies from the broadcast station ere not doming through clearly.   If a tech­nician repairs the instrument, then we have clear reception.   We could imagine that we have a group of persons who never saw a radio and never heard of one; when the sound comes out they naturally believe it originates in the box.   This repre­sents objective identification.  When the radio is repaired they believe the force, the power,   the frequency that came through was repaired.   But we know better; the instrument was repaired and then came through the Light, the Intelligence, the waves-frequencies thereof without interference or obstruction. So these drugs that are doing such marvelous work are operating chemically to repair the instru­ment so that the Intelligence can function, come through the instrument; but they are not doing a thing to the Intelligence; any more than when one repairs the radio he is doing a thing to the waves-frequencies that are coming through the instrument.

How important to understand the functional operation of these selves!  We repair the defects in the instrument of reception of the waves-frequencies from the higher levels, so that we can function more adequately.


“Vitvan” is a name I give to the Blessed Ones who spoke through Ralph, which he admitted as being only the channel for. If Ralph had personal prejudices due to his time and age (such as he showed against Carl Petersen when Ralph admitted that Carl’s frequencies when on peyote in Ralph’s presence were on Mind Level), he can be forgiven for clinging to the old ways in which he was personally trained.

As a warning to those just finding SNO now, I say take a look around at the students in SNO, and particularly those on the Board who repeatedly re-appoint themselves as the “only qualified” representatives of the Teaching. If you think they have anything to show anyone, you must be an “a-fanatic.”

Some images of how modern Christians decode Saturn, as home to Dark Angels, in their fear-full simplistic view.

And here some others, showing the Electrial Umbilicus as Asherah, World Tree, Tree of Life, etc.
We are NOT groping for memory of some Plenum Home World as Zero-Point Empty Vector Equilibrium, but as a Living, Light filled, electrical circulatory system, beings as Angels descending the Ladder to incarnate as flesh and blood beings, thence to return up the Ladder, in a System of Wholeness of Heart and Consciosness.

 Light became Blood became Flesh became Stone 
The Plasmate Flows in Circulatio
Ever Remembering ItSELF
Go Thou and Do Likewise O Epoptae!
For the Quest is the Quest-ion Mark Ye
Shall I unhide my Sign from Ye?

Mark! I am the Serpent upon the Tree in Eden
The Road Home

Can You Climb the Tree and Find Your Way Home?

I AM the Christos in the Blood. Take and Drink in Re-MEM-branch of ME
The ROTA the GOD-STAR of Your Beingness My Child