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Inversion of Forces and the Shadow

This is a Two Part blog: one a look at an expression of the Forces on a local level, the I AM Self acting through the Vitvan Lens at SNO Home Farm; and two, the Big Cycle overview called North Half Unnatural Deficiency which sheds more light on methodologies of restorring the Natural Order. 


Today is Election Day, and what we see is a division in the American psyche. Forces once Liberal have been hijacked and taken over by the Shadow of their own sense of superiority over Joe Average. The "Left" has no trust in the gut feelings of the Heart-land common folk, and demean their common sense like the millionaires Michael Moore or Bill Maher or John Oliver, who sneer at the "Billy Bobs" as being unable to think or know truth. This elevated sense of self in the Left has been used by those Controllers who are truly of the Dark Side, to co-op the so-called Liberal, by pushing the buttons of PC Speech implants that once meant something.

Home Farm is simply a miniature of this general malaise. Folks once well-intentioned in their liberal mind-sets have become inverted by their own Shadow sense of “being the only ones qualified” and have made Home Farm a gulag to satisfy their own vanity.

How does this come about? Unless we enter the First Crossing ....and stick with it... the engrams and fractured-selves of the Wounded Child within the Shadow will fester and grow, amplified by the very force of the Field. The effect of the Field is to heat up the psyche of the student, bubbling up the content of the subconscious SO THAT the student might deal with it. It was the job for Ralph/Vitvan to neutralize those forces in the communal field that would not resolve. This was his sacrifice as it is for all genuine “gurus”: to take on and process the negativity that floats up as scum.

Without the presence of Ralph/Vitvan, or even Anita, the scum has built up and now clogs the arteries of SNO, a negative plaque from the entrenched narrow-minded self-absorbed Board, people who have not, and will not surrender to the cleansing force of the First Crossing. The Spirit cannot move and flow any longer through the veins of SNO.

HOW is the Shadow formed? HOW has it taken over at Home Farm?

Each being contains a “spark of the divine,” The I AM as a seed. It is our basic nature to radiate out our creative light, which is seen clearly in the joy and play of the child. As we grow, alas, defeats and buffets from counter-forces invert our radiance, and it bores back into the individual psychic field. When we push this force down into the depths of the unconscious-subconscious so that we don’t have to deal with it, it becomes the buried thorns of the Shadow self, a deposit of our own forces inverted and denied by us. 

Let's illustrate. It all comes down to force and flow. Here is little Billy Bob or Betty Bob "made in the image of God," a little sparkle of light bipping along in a baby natural order, projecting himself into the world. We show this spark at our center as the Creative Force that radiates out as a Spiral. The Baby I AM within.

 But then "little sparkle" meets a counter force in life that is overwhelming:
The counter force bounces back little sparkle's "spin," inverting the force
The reverse spin forces enter little sparkle's field like a thorn. His own creative juice is turned against him.
This is the beginning of the Shadow, our Dark Side, our own psychic force working against us, a division, a battle, an enemy within. Here's one of Vitvan's charts showing our "Pneumatic Ovum" or Field, with the the Shadow Thorns of our own force poisoning us. These imprints or implants have been called "engrams" by Ralph and that's still a good term. An engram is pattern, an mini-program that yaps at us in our subconscious, and tries to steer the psyche.
The Seed of the I AM cannot grow unless we pass through the First Crossing or Purificatory Process, and drive these distortions out of the Psychic Soil. Jung came to understand the Process just as Vitvan did.

We have written of this before. It appears that upon the death and passing of Vitvan, the student body of Home Farm SNO was traumatized by the LOSS of "Pappy." The children were adrift, in shock, WHO would guide them now? WHO would keep them safe? Those who followed did their best, but the Thorn of the Wound continued to fester.

This has created a Negative Glamor, wherein the collective repressed forces in the psyches of the Board have drawn upon the energizing energy of the Field Ralph/Vitvan nurtured, to amplify their own desire to Control, be in the Driver's Seat, be the "righteous ones" who "protect the teachings."

The focal point of the infection is Marj Coffman, Vitvan's "little angel," the last remaining one who grew up in Vitvan's Field. Her loyalty and dedication, once praiseworthy, has turned to reactionary stubborness. Lynne Hoffman, who most likey is still wounded by the death of her daughter has taken over the Darth Vader mantle of  Control by the Shadow forces in the Wounded Home Farm Field.

Circling the wagons, painted into a corner, the Inverted Spiral turns in, strangling the Flow of Spirit.

SNO was an expression of the Urge for the Liberation of Consciousness, part of a Timewave  Movement of Initiates ever working on the Quest, to know not by words, but by Gnosis, feel-knowing the wisdom coiled up in your own wet flowing flesh as the Fire that touches Itself, the Self as Lover of self, to Re-MEM-ber WHO, WHY, and HOW we are here in this present, playing this Game.

Ralph carried the ball quite a distance, from 1880's through two world wars, the onset of the Atomic Age (rending of the etheric veil in Earth memory, releasing the pent up demons of repression), right up to the first appearance of the New Wave of Love returning in the 1960's. At that point, or earlier, his mission was over. All he did was fiddle with his memoirs and repeat, even the unworking parts.

Despite that, he left an admonition to aim for the stars, to raise yourself up to the highest you could imagine, even if that were beyond your capacity to know. He charged the Board to aim for acting  AS IF from Mind Level; but events have shown that they fell and still fall far short of this. Worse than that, they have brought SNO and Home Farm down to the level of their misunderstanding. They gave up. And they punished anyone who dared raise the spectre of hope.

Not only have they failed to preserve the Mission, they aimed low, and in the end, sunk to a level even below that. Shame on them they so fear any Light coming in that might reveal how little they understand.

Unless the Shadow is dealt with, it will poison the psyche. It MUST come out. Those who have not surrendered to this Process cannot guide SNO by the True Compass within.

The Lost Thread At Home Farm

Home Farm’s value to the student who is learning to find and follow his/her Inner Voice and Guidance [the Vitvan or “knower” within each] is that is provides a sloppy microcosm of psychic forces, a stew composed of gunas from the collective of sleepers, and this stew will speed up activating one’s own hidden forces. All of which was under the gentle “cooking-of-the-frogs” heat of an Advanced One’s darshan.

Other than bringing one’s own hidden and controlling  instinctual forces to the surface, for those students ready and willing to get honest with themselves, there is no particular value to a Home Farm. It was the tool, the cauldron, the creative mélange for the purposes of the “master.” His workshop and his assignment for his own graduation and ongoing.

It’s heating effects serve the purpose of stimulating the growth and revelation of each student’s UNIQUE path. The path is not determined by the “teacher” or any set of rules of policies.  Each Winding has its own Unwinding.

Anita understood this. All the rules and explanations are “blah blah about tra tra.” The Field will work Its revealing in each one’s ongoing, according to their path and needs. No one can dictate what another’s path is. The leader must be able to allow chaos and manage it through her ability to synthesize the uproar of forces.

Jim Dalton understood this on an intellectual lesser level, being younger and not having Anita’s development. His approach was conciliatory through communication, but he had not yet crossed the Great Ocean of his own psyche yet, so he was not a Navigator of the Deep Psyche yet.

Marj Coffman may have mentally learned and memorized these roadmaps, but as she is guided by rules for appearance, rather than the Compass of her Heart through Understanding, she gave it lip service for some time. In time, she began to substitute her version of what Home Farm is for in place of its actual functional energetic purpose.

But when the Field began heating up, and students demanded the right to follow their own inner instruction, she got rigid, then dogmatic, then a dog in the manger, following only her own limited vision.

Now, today, those who use Home Farm to express their desires to be In Charge and In Control of the “product” have completely lost the thread of Understanding. They have NO faith in the Process because they have not yet found IT in themselves.

For fun watch the video satires of this Tempest in a Teapot at the link to the right Home Farm Exposes

A litmus test of the value of SNO for me is the how many students who actually have lived at Home Farm, have quietly moved away, but take no stand against the decline. They agree in private with me. I conclude that their lack of public outrage or opposition at what is being degraded, indicates the value they put on what they got out of the "Home Farm Experience."   For many it was fun like Summer Camp, free-wheeling discussions, with a nice but gentle coating of being on some vague "spiritual journey." 

Unlike myself who underwent a powerful awakening while living there, which allowed me to contrast the denatured watered-down version of the Teachings haphazardly presented, (mostly through passivity while they sit around knitting or talking of sports and garden catalogs at their weekly Sunday Tape Listening session) with a vibrant Living Flame still waiting in the wings to be found by the few.... I must conclude that few every made contact with such a life-altering Force. Whose fault was that? the students? the methodologies used by Vitvan to try and shake some awake out of their "aphanitis" stupor? the time dated nature of the message?

Once you know what is possible, and could still be on the table IF ONLY the Board were not asleep also, it can make you despondent and frustrated with the dampening PC suppressive atmosphere. Don't they KNOW by any direct experience just WHAT this THING is that Vitvan worked so hard to build into the Field, embedded as Termas in the landscape? NOT words and litugy, but a Living Spring that can take one up and out of their little bubble of self.

Fuck, most of them are so illiterate in spiritual practices they would have to google "terma,".... if they had the energy and interest.

If so few caught on fire, and will show willingness to fight for its expression at Home Farm, then I must conclude in my audit, that what was left behind had some serious deficiencies; thus Home Farm will fall along the wayside of efforts, made even by Masters, that could not produce enough fruit to keep the Flame alive.

Just as those who sell processed denatured food as "natural & healthy" should be put out of business, unless they are honest in their labeling; so too I never tire of going after those who per-vert ("turn to one side" the Flow of Spirit, and the Essence of Vitvan.

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