Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mini Yugas at School of the Natural Order (SNO)

"As Above, So Below"

The Yugas are patterns of growth and decline on a cosmic timeline. If you don’t know much about them, do a little homework. Try Sri Yukteswar’s The Holy Science, The Yugas by Selbie & Steinmetz, and also Walter Cruttenden’s work on our sun as part of  a binary system (“the dual”) Lost Star of Myth and Time.

The thought struck me today to apply this cyclical pattern to what we have seen at Home Farm.

The Yugas (or Ages) proceed thru the Golden to Silver to Bronze to Iron, or in Sanskrit  Satya to Treta to Dwapara to Kali; from highest level when humanity communed with the Divine (or its expression through a messenger, and exemplar), to the lowest, a time of separation, decay, and darkness.

At SNO, the Yugas proceeded as follows:

During the Founder Vitvan’s tenure: Golden. Not only did he have the wisdom from personal experience in higher states, but he could write and articulate about them, and teach by pointing at these unfolding states through his words. He taught by the Fire of his presence, or Darshan. Experience + Words.

Under his successor and close student Anita: Silver. While she had the Knowing, she did not have the words to further the articulation. She taught by Air, an attenuated Fire of Darshan. Experience but no Words.

Under her successor and protégé Jim Dalton: Bronze. He did not have the Gnosis from direct experience, but he was good with words, a literary man and editor. Eventually he moved away and took up Buddhism as a path because Vitvan’s words (and techniques) were not enough to actually produce the breakthrough result. Words but no Experience.  But at least there was still Water, a sense of community through mutual emotional aspiration.

And finally, we come to the Nadir, the bottom of the Cycle, the Age of Darkness that now prevails at Home Farm under Marj Coffman and her clones (also pronounced clowns). Black   NO Experience, NO gnosis, and a scribe’s petty fixation on the punctuation and capitalization of Words.  A time of Winter when the Spirit sleeps waiting for a new Springtime, when coldness (of heart) and old forms and ways decay in the frozen Earth that suffocates like the grave. A time of dogma and oppression.

So this then is actually still an expression of  Natural Order. I often wonder if Anita saw this inevitable cycle of decline, accepted it and co-operated with it. Seeing this future and what it would eventually take to break through the obdurate darkness that would swallow up Home Farm, she appointed Susan Wetmore to the Board. Susan has persisted on the Board until she believes she is Home Farm aristocracy. The seeds of petulant virulence and non-understanding that fester in Susan’s childish psyche would one day be too much for the Spirit to endure, and the struggle to rise into the Light again would break out into an open struggle. To be sure such Winter oppression occurred, Nature added in the self-serving Murrays, and topped it off with the stubborn arrogance of Marj Coffman, the Great Objectifier. The final burden (literally) in this unpalatable  meal is Jabba the Hoffman.

Those are the main players in this Kali Yuga drama being played out at Home Farm. Footnotes and barnacles like Bubba “me too” Morrison, or Dan Halfawake may be noted in passing, as they are symptoms of the decline like the gas passing from such a soul-starving and indigestible repast.

We await the Spring and honor the flame that Vitvan left us, protecting it against the cold desiccating winds that blow from Home Farm at this time.

Thanksgiving 2013 at Home Farm ??



  1. In the darkness of decline, they've forgotten the most important part of their duty as trustees of our school, stated so clearly by our teacher: "This world is a creative process. Once this is understood, one becomes qualified to participate in the New Cycle, the New Age. The younger generations coming on MUST BE prepared to participate in this new cycle because they will have far greater parts to play than those of us who are making the transition from the Old Cycle. This is the purpose of this work in self-development: to understand the whole, overall cosmic process, preparation for service, even though that service narrows down to guiding our children and preparing them to participate in this great New Cycle. It is a non-Aristotelian doctrine or teaching, and it is non-metaphysical..." ~ Vitvan, "Expanding States of Self Awareness"

    Instead, they have driven away the entire next generations and do nothing to entice them back. This is the purpose of ISNO now: to share Vitvan's teachings with the younger generations and in so doing, fulfill the Mission as our teacher expected. Hate us, ignore our work, treat your fellow students despicably, but we ARE succeeding in this endeavor with the Archive and our FaceBook pages.

  2. Jimmy or Karyn, Please contact me. The phone I have for Jimmy is no good. Thanks. Art Kunkin 1-760-792-2032 artkunkin@gmail.com

  3. Please phone me. Art Kunkin 1-760-792-2032