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The Ancient of Days

Mankind as a whole (planet Being) is awakening from its fevered dreams of childhood birth.

The Veil has ruptured. We've left the womb and tomb.

The New Dispensation of a Cosmic Christos has been fermenting for 3000 years. And as we stand on the verge of joining the Galactic societies, old memories come flooding back. The story of the  inner life as Vitvan expressed it, is and was isomorphic with actual events we have lived through in the past 12,000 years. As within, so without. He interpreted the old myths as Language of the Initiates, and while there is a set of inner correspondences, how he would have been blown away by the truth of the actual events our planet has lived through!

[and this is something students should always be clear about: a more developed one such as Vitvan who can access Mind level, still is NOT the final word, as there was much left for him also to discover... and he knew that. These "teachers" don't have all the answers, have NOT recovered all the memories, and their appearance on Earth is part of the Remembering process, with a GS approved date and time stamp.

Thus Vitvan hoped his School would embrace and integrate the Flood of new information coming in. Instead they have become a vain navel-gazing Cult playing with their prayer beads, and re-mumbling their reified dogma and liturgy ad nauseam. The Judgment of Saturn will be upon them: "But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!" thus saith the Lord]

Once we lived in the heliosphere womb of a brown dwarf star called Saturn, the great and original God, whose Eye as the Great Constellation hung over our north pole in benevolence, during Edenic times.

But then it all came apart, mankind lived through Ages in Chaos, and only now are we beginning to recover. And recovery means finding and releasing the ancient trauma, and all the perverted twisted self-hating psychic forces. "The First Crossing means bringing up all the content of the subconscious into conscious awareness" --Vitvan.

Satan (Saturn) will be released for a season. "Truth" in Greek is alethia, from a (not) and lethe (to forget as in the river Lethe we cross between lives, and then being reborn in amnesia). A-lethia, to not forget, that is, to Remember. Do you get it truth-seekers?  "Truth" is to "Remember."

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...and no one could put him back far. But once he is re-membered, then wholeness will be restored.

Those unawakened ones who think they have the great Teaching or Treasure, but who have not Crossed the Great Water of their own psyches and invoked the mythological memes in the Dreamtime, still think they hold the keys, and that our onetime life under proto-Saturn is a reification, and these names of the gods are projections from undeveloped mankind's imagination,... are the fools. All they hold are mumbo-jumbo symbols appearing substantive.  We leave them in their cave of shadows.   [ likewise those who claim to be Navigator before serving the years of must earn it and the Field is not fooled ]

 From Vitvan's writings:

[remember as  you read these, that our present gas giant planet Saturn was once a brown dwarf star, and was our original polar Sun Helios Shamash Ra, that never set, as all the ancients say... NOT today's current Sol. It's all there...deep within your Akashic memory... Vitvan never asks WHY Saturn was chosen to "symbolize" or "represent" the Titanic Elder who was Our Father, the Root Force. Because in our early days, the Being Saturn WAS literally our Father/Mother God Star and our world was made of His flesh, blood, & Spirit cojoined in an electrical discharge flowing Family Tree]

...The highest and most powerful influence in any differentiated Field is the function of the Cosmic process as a whole; but here the highest power in the Cosmic process is represented by that great power Saturn

...That positive power in you is represented by Saturn; it is the highest power, but that power is thrown into eclipse by another power that comes in and takes precedence over it, symbolized by Jupiter in Sagittarius.

...Saturn was the Supreme God. Saturn represents the Power-to-be-conscious motivating all activities in the three-story house before the development of the psychic nature. Saturn was supreme, but when the force in the psychic nature, represented by Jupiter (the largest planet) began to awaken, he threw his father, Saturn (the Power-to-beconscious on Mind level), into eclipse and assumed the power of the person, or the psychic nature.

...The Greeks called Saturn the God of Time - and hence of memory - and therefore in the language of the initiates Saturn symbolizes that force -faculty in the individualized consciousness pertaining to memory.

...Saturn symbolizes the awakening of egoic memory - memory of past incarnations, memory of the 'earliest beginnings' even before those phases we have named "individualization." Saturn also symbolizes recognition - recognition of the Mother of whom the Son is born - recognition of the Father with whom he is one - recognition of Himself as the Son.

...I am going to leave you there for this time; we have just been edging in on it, but we will take up how these other five centers, "The five virgins that preserved the oil in their lamps," must first develop before Saturn, the Christos power, can take over and complete the work.

...Now, Saturn symbolizes memory of all past experiences in all past earth lives, as well as memory of knowledge gained between each 'death' and 'rebirth.' Through memory, Saturn, we are going to reawaken to the fundamental differentiated Field operations, and through that memory we are going to overthrow the ego and all of its control; Jupiter will be overthrown. SATURN IS GOING TO BE RECROWNED.

 [you will need to do your homework by studying the links (many more could be added) to begin to grasp the enormity and divine overlays of this brief summary]

The Master (Christic) Frequency

  • Our planet Earth may be undergoing a somewhat rare event: coming out of a brown dwarf womb into galactic relationship. This traumatic passage through the “birthing canal” may have finally only ended as little as 3000 years ago when the sky gods settled down. [Google “ proto-Saturn,” e.g., ]
  • According to Electric Universe physicist Wal Thornhill, many brown dwarf stars likely have planets INSIDE their heliosphere, meaning those planets cannot see through the membrane to even be aware that there are other stars and systems out there. They continue their existence in a “womb.”
  • Thus when such a system as ours encounters another sun system, whose sun is much more powerful than our parent dwarf star, it is a galactic event that draws ET onlookers from afar. Only those systems going through such a birth become eligible to join the Galactic Federation. Mentors, Helpers, Guides, Traders, Empire builders, Colonizers; many grades of ET turn up.
  • The re-alignment to a more powerful sun, and to a growing adult level of consciousness as to our place in a galactic ecology, with its concomitant inpouring of higher frequency energies, has been encoded in our mythos as a “Savior” or “Messiah” or “Christ” coming. A higher power that is representative of the Root force in the life of galaxies.
  • With this birth transition as little as 3000 years ago, we can then see how some new sects such as found in gnostics, intuited that a new force was on the scene, and that the sociopathic AI egregor called the Demi-Urge would now be displaced. The Demi-Urge was the collective traumatized psyche of mankind, crazed and warring. A new Healing Power was entering Earth
  • The Healing or Salvational Power is the New Dispensation, flowing electrically into our system through the electrical currents that distribute though our new Sun (Son of the Galactic Lotus Logos, the Tree of Life we grow within [in Whom we live and have our being]).
  • Electrical flows are energy flows, from greater reservoirs of potential down into lessor. Energy is frequency.
  • The salvatatory power of the Christos comes from it being of the Master Frequency or Frequencies, similar to the idea of AUM being a Root chord, a sonic amplituhedron as it were.
  • All forms fractalize out of the Root Frequencies.
  • When one contacts this Christic Power, or feels it presence within, they are as much contacting their own Root Seed Frequency, but they may objectify and project this contact outward onto a “man” or something “coming in” from “out there.”
  • Just as electro-medicine (which was suppressed) is demonstrating that certain frequencies can rejuvenate patterns through our DNA by “pumping up the volume,” so also does the Master Christic Frequencies operate across the board from a level even deeper than specifically determinate frequencies. See article on FSM ( FSM)
  • The Christic force, when it can be manifest on our level, without losing its universal application through being specified or determined, coalesces into  a strange semi-crystalline substance called the Stone. The term “stone” indicates that it is analog to the “Rock” or Foundation upon which the Christ builds His Church.
  • Just as one of the powers of the Stone is to energize the body and drive out dis-ease through gentle purging (or violent purging if too much amplification takes place); so also is the New Dispensation of the Cosmic Christos bringing to the surface the buried madness, violence, and trauma Mankind has passed through.
  • Internal quiet comes about by purging conflicting signal patterns, until vector equilibrium is found at Root again. The pneumatic ovum grows transparent and clear like a polished lens, and in that quietude the soul (conscious viewpoint) registers and reflects the Harmony of God’s Spheres. True prayer is quiet Now awareness in resonance, thus radiating out the Christic frequencies to the world.

  • [ once you know how to decode the Great Constellation, then so many esoteric images that have bubbled up in the initiates mind will become clear. The God Star that flared into Light, the birth of stellated Venus, the Hero warrior Red Mars, Jacob's Ladder..., and the the Once-and-Future-King Root that is the Prima Materia of our Consciousness

This message brought to you through a student

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