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Our Broken Home

Once we, Earth, were part of the Saturn family. Our family consisted of Saturn God Star a warm brown dwarf, so thusly a maternalistic figure, we lived in Hir warm heliosphere as if in a womb. We were in Eden.
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Venus and Mars were overhead. Since we are further out, we may be the first child ejected by Saturn from Hir body. Then when this Egg was slowly turned in the gyre and captured by Sol and his planetary crew, it caused Sat-Nam-Ur-Nos to discharge another child... Venus. She erupted from his head. She was born from his testicles being cut off which fell into the Sat-Ur-ian Chaos or Sea, into Hir Plasma Field.

You'll note in the image above that Venus is not yet present in the family. In this version, Mars is older, and Venus is only born after the Great Collision with Sol. This flare-up was the "Let there be light moment." The excess electrical charge Saturn received from Sol caused Saturn to discharge part of its body, and thus Venus came into being between Saturn and Mars. This new configuration which lasted millenia, was the Great Constellation, or Eye of Providence, Eye of God the Benevolent One.

While in the womb we were androgynous, even if sexual specification had taken place. The male and female were consciously complementary and cooperative.

Earth is Gaia. Daughter of Sat-Ur-Nos.

When [S]He was captured by Sol, our family was broken. Our original Dad-Mom was exiled, and Sol became our father-in-law. We were traumatized.

Sol and his children, the Sol Dynasty, have been felt here as invader, as displacer. Compared to the gentle feminine warmth of Sat-Ur-Nos whose love enveloped us, Sol is blazingly violent and killing. He is all male Fire.

Now that Sol was in charge of us on Earth, He, the Male God, sent in his fiery angelic hosts as invading armies. The so-called angels are NOT our original and natural protectors and messengers from Hir. They are of Fire and Sol and they impose Hierarchy upon us. This is the source of Patriarchy and the Dominator culture.

The Theosophical “gods” or “masters” are of the Hierarchy of Sol, with their grades, and orders, and initiations of kundalini, and all the psychical paraphernalia and mythos mojo they bring and impose on us. When those angels incarnate onto Earth, a system FOREIGN to them, like tourists, they come to despoil the natives. They use our resources as they had no such warm watery planet of their own to experience. They impose hierarchy with disdain for the Earthborn. They like angels in their indifference to Mankind born of Hir, have no empathy for us. They have Judgment, and Rules, and Boundaries, manipulation and prisons. They say gold is of the Sun Sol, and thus when they came as Annunaki they craved the gold which Mother Earth Child of Sat-Ur-Nos has grown in Her body. They ravage and plunder and enslave.

Their instruction books like Initiation Human and Solar are not for the Earthborn Children of Sat-Ur-Nos, they are roadmaps for the invader angels who must dampen down their high frequency Ovums to incarnate in flesh and water. Then they, like a parasite, swell and burst out of the body as an Alien, and they pass through birthing passages depicted in their Solar DNA.

The Kundalini is an electrical phenomena, caused by Sol fucking Earth and inseminating us with his legions and hosts of angels. Fiery sperm, they come in, sleep in our soil, then as leeches, burst back up. The Revised New Testament and all those stages are NOT for the Earthborn, but for the Parasitical Invader species of the Sol Dynasty.

Here's an image of one of the Fiery Ones from the Path of Solar Initiation, which is not meant for YOU
Earthborn; but for the parasitical Alien Invader in his hierarchical Ladder of Lights.
Just look at this motherfucker's eyes. Do these aliens have empathy for YOU?

WARNING! The Solar Invader Dynasty has suppressed the native Earth Path to gnosis. They have appropriated its symbols to draw you into the tent, but BEWARE! You are being cozened and cultivated for food! They, the Overlords, will suck off the Milk of your vitality.  Worship of Them is bait and switch. They hold out promises of fulfillment... but it comes only later. Meanwhile you need to OBEY. It never comes. Just have faith they say, get back into line in the hive, and AUM AUM AUM.

[It should be pointed out that Earth-Gaia has Her own nature spirits & devas who are part of our natural order of gnosis. Make a distinction between the native Earth angels, and the Solar Invaders. Gaia also has Her own Earthborn "kundalini" or electrical winding serpent power which will integrate you into memory of your true history. ]

Verily, we of Earth, we are heartbroken. Our Loving Mother Sat-Ur-Nos has been pushed out; Gaia, the soul of Earth has lain traumatized by the unfeeling Archons, i.e. the solar Invaders and their militant White Light Hierarchy, the White Brotherhood.

When we lived in peace, Mars and Venus were representations of the Polarity that engenders the beings as sexes. But the Great Collision with Sol broke up our family; Venus went on a rampage as did Mars. Both were scarred. This damaged Sexual relations on Earth. Venus most beautiful Sister became snaky Medusa, Comet of Doom. Mars was plague bringer, and now god of War.

To balance and monitor our system, the Sol Dynasty imported the artificial satellite we call the Moon; upon this Death Star are the offices of the colonial fleet[s] that use Earth for her resources.

Darth Vader is Saturnian but in the aspect of one once good who was abused and beaten down by the “Emperor” [Sol] and has turned mechanical and expresses use of the Force negatively, for control, for death and domination.

The white robotic Stormtroopers are the legions of White Light Invading Angelic Hosts in their Hierarchical Dominator model.

Vitvan seemed to transition from that model of the White Brotherhood Hierarchy that was imposed, and to soften a bit. He realized there was trauma and neurological epigenetic suppression for the souls of Earth, but it was all fuzzy. He rejected the Plant based Initiation and clung to his Solar Angel roadmap.

If this was also imposed upon me, I have broken free of it. I want NO PART of the Solar Hierarchy and its Pyramidal top down model. The Children of Gaia, whose Mother-Father was and still is Sat-Ur-Nos, we are of the Earth and bottom up. We rise in Equality.

As She Gaia awakens from the trauma of the Great Collision, Her people feel the awakening within themselves. We were born with the seeds of Liberty in our hearts and need no “masters” and their Ladder of Lights, their Initiations and Obfuscations, their false enlightenment which is to Surrender to the so-called “One,” but really, to live in Mystery believing those unseen and unknown “above” us know better and should be obeyed.

We DO NOT bow to the Solar Hierarchy, their clone armies and Schools of Mystery, their Group Mind and Control Cult Think.

What then is the “Christos?” Is it, in some hierarchical model, a Princeling from afar, from the Home Office in Heaven where the Obedient armies of Angels goosestep back and forth genuflecting before a Dominator God? A fellow who drops into the colonies and passes out largess?

Or, is the Christos the Spirit of Liberty within every Seed that grows from Earth of Gaia? Do we not carry it already in our bosom??

Beware of those who try to control the story and the roadmaps, those who claim to know more or know better, those who would misuse our inborn desire to grow into Liberty and Self-gnosis; those false solar agents who impose rules and policies for “harmony” [suppression of emerging individuality] upon the duped who have been drafted and lured into this soul honey pot for milking by the White Light Leeches.

Look at them closely. They are ugly, and crabbed, and grow ever more so as they lose the slaves who turn away from the Pie in the Sky Path of the Solar Cult. Without the milk of fresh newbie souls they dry up into the hideous vampires they truly always were, and are NOW.

Here they are folks, the PROHIBITIONISTS who would deny your rediscovery of the EDEN within.

 And what, if anything, do they have to offer? 
What can they show you:????

What then is the Work to be done now, at this time, as Gaia recovers from Her trauma? We must separate out the overlays from Alien Culture that misdirect our internal forces into unnatural "initiation" that milk us of our Loosh, our Life Juices. For promises of some future "wisdom" that never comes. "If only you will serve faithfully, raise up your forces and offer them up on an altar to the Solar Dynasty, then, we promise you, YOU CAN TRUST US, one day your reward will be in some sort of "Heaven." 

You do not have to make a sacrifice to some Alien God, but rather, do NOT raise your forces, but look within to find Eden. If then, after finding Mother in the Root of your nature, if then your forces rise gently to flower, allow it. Be WHOLE, not divided.

Oh so-called "Seekers," have ye found yet??? 
Mythologies around the world speak of a time when Saturn was our God Star. I have pursued this deeply starting with the introductory info about the Electric Universe (], see video Symbols of an Alien Sky, see Dave Talbot's ongoing series Discourses on an Alien Sky
and have read the scholarly works on this by Dwardu Cardona, Ev Cochrane, et al. 

July 16 note added: John Lash Lamb has elucidated much of the Gnostic material [Not In His Image] which seems to me a somewhat mythologized abstracted memory of the Saturn Sun Golden Age. The gnostics maintain that Earth was not of this present solar system but was captured by it. Then Earth was invaded by the Archons who are alien to the Earthborn. Lamb has no reference to Saturn in his index! It is only by studying without and within across many fields that the greater picture emerges. The Saturn Sun model gives the background in Earth history that the gnostics remembered somewhat dimly, but they were keenly aware of the Alien Invasion in the World Soul, or Race Psyche of Mankind, thru their shamanic and seership practice, looking into the Akash. 

The Greeks had a word for truth: "Aletheia" and they said Truth is to Remember what we already know but have forgotten [or has been hidden] which breaks down into "A" [not] and "letheia" [forgetting, when you die and cross the river Lethe you forget your past life]. To Re-Member is to put the pieces back together again.

Humpty Dumpty [the World Egg of Wholeness] had a great fall
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

But WE can! Thus I AM Phil-a-lethes, the Lover of Not Forgetting, the Lover of Truth. Let the bricks fall where they may. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! As She awakens, we who live in Her awaken, and Re-Member. 

Blessings to all sentient corpuscles!

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