Monday, January 28, 2013

Suffer It To Be So Now

I DO so appreciate the cutting sword of wisdom instead of the capitulating sweetness and light of "let's just all get along."

Consider that ironically, SNO has run off many who know the Field internally (raised here) but didn't want to engage in tilting at windmills with a stubborn entrenched clique, and went off to mature elsewhere. Therefore, it may be the "outsider" who can be the best helper now. (Remember the dynamic in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy by chance? It was the "outsider" who regenerated the System.) 

"Outsiders" serving on the Board could possibly bring to SNO an independent oversight because they have no economic interest in the place, don't live there and don't have to protect their squatting rights and their "this is my home and property" mentality and fears. Someone serving on the Board who grew up there and left may well remember the uplifting and free-wheeling days of Anita (which is now the referent for the Golden Age for Sheppard, Rex, Rowena, and many others too), who know that something important has faded.  

About all I can expect from the Board is to produce dog policies, and I hope for enlightened ones to turn up. So a mature outsider who has honestly faced his/her own emotions and is inclusive toward all beings at whatever state of consciousness has all the qualifications needed to be on the Board at this time. The real Teaching does not reside with them! And for me, it does not necessarily reside either with "long time" students who can recite Vitvan. The Field will awaken those who are ready for that next stop. We must, and we are, I hope, re-instituting the Inner School which will find those students needing it, who wander in over the cattle guard. 

If, and this is my opinion, we still cling to some "brand name" teaching called Vitvan, we miss his whole point. The Teaching is about finding that fiery Spirit within and then trusting IT to show each the Way for themselves. Yes, it would be another ironic disaster if the "appearances are where it's at" crowd brought in some outside organizer to try and polish up the outside of the cup, who thinks they can measure the "success" of the hidden Field by how many asses sit in the chairs, or how many books are sold...

This is now a battle for the Soul of SNO.


Give me people with Soul #1. They have bullshit sniffers. Some people live Vitvan without even knowing it. Others can quote him but don't have a living clue. Which do we want?  I have said it before, Vitvan left the Board in a dilemma. How can you ask someone to keep a focus to Mind level when you don't know what it even feels like? All they can do is keep a private world image of what they imagine it must be like. About like saying "keep the taste of strawberries in mind" when one has never tasted strawberries...

Yesterday at class another good tape on Christos, #7. He talked about how when the psycho-dynamism "came in" and evolved "up" the psychic body out of the configuration run by the vital dynamism. He called this an act of the Grace of God. No one, no animal called forth the incoming elevating Power with their intention, focus, meditation, practice, chanting, breathing, blah blah

IT happens WHEN IT happens.  

Vitvan is always being gentle with us. The power of the Christos comes in when IT comes in, regardless of all the little collection of prayer flags, beads, candles, chants, books, and tapes we have collected and placed upon the altar in our private world chapels. "We" (for there is no real "I") don't make shit happen!

He finishes off the lesson by saying that when the Power moves into the Heart, we enter Love, and every time we feel Love it kills off a bit more of the ego, until there is no more "I." So how then, crafty fox, can he expect those living in a state believing in an "I" to keep a focus on a level of consciousness where there is no "I" !!!    Get it? The Admonition to the Board (warning) is a fairy tale for those unawakened to the reality, Reality, that they don't even exist, that they are being dreamt by God.

Let me pull out my notes from the lesson. [I am the only one taking notes during class...]

"In Reality there is no individual, it hits us as a crushing blow... we want to have that 'I am doing it' and develop it. But one way or another we surrender the 'I am I' sense. Little by little we have developed it. Little by little we surrender it."

"With Love, little by little we DIE and surrender it. "

"Love and death are twins, and when you love enough you die completely, the 'I am I' dies."

"He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it."
                -- Matthew 10:39 (NAS)

"SNO is not about how to 'get' objects of desire (black magic)."

"If you stay in SNO, YOU WILL DIE."  [Boy, were they all silent then!] 

"Then comes the birth of the Christos!"

For a modern entheological thesis on discovering that the ego has no control, and we surrender to being controlled by a Greater Power, which then gives us freedom in the only sense that it is truly available to us, see

(This is dense but if you can read Vitvan, you'll make it through!)

So you see, my dear friend, his instructions to the Board are soothing bedtime words to sleeping children. He knows that IT is in charge and that is the only TRUTH, and no one can rush the time table or control it, and so, everything must be AS IT SHOULD BE RIGHT NOW. For we are gods who don't yet know what that means, but for sure we are aspects of that God Christos who comes into the Temple when "HE" is good and fucking ready! And "He" runs the School, and "He" runs the Field, and "He" will happily find another home in some other heart if this form of SNO fades, and "He" could give a shit, for "He" is deathless, and All-in-All, and has all the time in the world, and resides at peace, resting in the NOW of the I-Am-the-One-I-seek.

All we have to do is endure this amazing process of being undone and having our identities stripped from us. I am amazed at my blindness and reactivity every time IT pushes some old identity to the surface. I get lost in my "certainty" of what and who I am, and for sure, not one bit of that is who I am, or who you are.  

So suffer it to be so. Suffer, so that IT can come in. Live in the Love of Mother-Father's GRACE that is beyond our understanding, yet is guiding us through. And remember: Everything you know is Wrong! (old Firesign Theatre album title). If this state were IT, we'd be there NOW... 

We are just little caterpillars wiggling cautiously with the URGE!

"Time brings forth hidden truth..."
-- Woodblock illustration on title-page of 
Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, 1626

-- Taken from personal correspondence in October 2011

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