Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lightworker's Oath

Vitvan says that the essence of self-development is to become consciously aware of higher and higher frequencies. To do this one must go through a purificatory or purgational period of cleaning the lens of the personality. One climbs the World Tree like a shaman, into the sky of the higher psyche and the worlds of beauty, and down into the Hell of the Underworld of the psyche full of contradictory and base motivations.

One sees at last that this is just how it is, here/now, in this place. The period of training as apprentice comes to an end, and one graduates to being a Lightworker. No longer “raising the forces” but turning around and heading “back down.”

The job of the Lightworker is to bring the Light down into the darkness.

The solar plexus is like a great satellite receiving dish, it tunes into all the criss-crossed and mish-mashed gunas in the race psyche. It is the doorway through which the Lightworker enters the world to balance the gunas.

Think of the fat Buddhas with their pot bellies, they have eaten the world. Fat like the pomegranate that Persephone ate, full of guna seeds, that took her down into the Underworld with Plouton (“wealth”), the hidden world from which the kundalini sap rises in springtime. Think of Ganesh, the fat elephant god whose effigy is placed over doorways. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.

Tune into the solar plexus, feel the substance of the confusion and pressures in the race psyche, without identification. It is only force. This is your linkage to bring the Light down and mix it in. Stand at the center pole of the Heart and the higher frequencies you now know will flow into and in-between the coarser gunas, slowly untangling them.

This is the Lightworker’s job. It is the sacrifice (“to make sacred”) for which you came.

Boiling Vitvan's teachings down to the essentials:

1. You are an expression of the Power To Be Conscious.
2. You are unique, and your Path of unfoldment will be designed just for you as you reverse-engineer the puzzle of yourself.
3. Therefore, no one else can dictate your moves or that would be black magic.
4. Your path must take you through dark periods of internal inspection and upgrade, losing old parts of your persona as the Higher Reforming Power begins to stir in you. This will be messy. You will be reactive. Anyone who has been through it should be able to support and mentor you in an atmosphere of Sanctuary and community, such as what we envision for a restored and revitalized Home Farm.
5. You are to trust ONLY your own experience; stated otherwise, listen to your Higher Self.
6. Therefore at the School of the Natural Order, there no rules that can be imposed by another upon your personal process.
7. As Vitvan said, "Nothing is Verboten."
8. And also, "Grant Freedom and then Claim it for Yourself."

ANYONE who violates these fundamental axioms is NOT a true representative of Vitvan's teachings, and should be named as a traitor. If such a one is holding an office of responsibility for these teachings, the person should be removed.

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