Saturday, May 25, 2013

Goodbye Ralph Hello VITVAN

I notice a pattern now; I go out at night on various adventures, but when I come back it is like re-entering an astral atmosphere. I start feeling pressure in the solar plexus.

Normally I then explore, feel-know, grok around the pressure until I get some image that releases the pressure. I assume I have done my part in the archeological race psyche excavation, revealing some old Namshub (psychotronic implant vide (reference where I sensed the underlying code in the paleopsyche calling it the Nam-Shub Hive Dome).

Today I ended with release upon finding a paleolithic bowl, meaning a container, some kind of gear in the old old psyche, possibly left by aliens. Then I remembered McKenna saying all is language, and these “objects” we find are really expressions of higher ideas (like I would decode some snippet of psyche code as “bowl”) . The images are used by higher dimensional ones to convey to us a symbol we can associate with the feel-know signature of that “gear.”

This seemed to relieve some pressure. But my mind returned as usual to the “battle” with Home Farm, either my attempts to understand HOW such a mess has manifested so as to undo it like some Gordian knot; but this time I got a different view, and probably why I keep returning to stick my nose into this puzzle, because I am missing seeing something.

And the thing was: “there is something wrong with Vitvan.” My pressure relieved at once.

We don’t want to admit it, but "by their fruit ye shall know them." He may have touched and walked some form of higher level, some old Theosophy retreat, some Vedic roadmap that has been fucked over by thousands of years of decline into the Kali Yuga, until we get sex-repressive Brahmins like Mozumdar, all these radiant guys who preach run-away-to-Nirvana.Vitvan was coming out of and away from that, getting down to earth here, rejecting their old metaphysical run-away worlds.

But where are the results? Look at who followed? I read Laurel, she is annointed in the ancient stream (blah blah drama) but what does he teach her? He sends her out to fake it on her own. Same as my teacher Judith Drake. Where is the inner world instruction? Laurel starts some weight loss club to restore women’s self-esteem. That doesn’t rate very high on my radar. Any ayahuascero can open the door and show the initiate a whole new inner world to explore. WHAT did Vitvan ever show them?

Remember when Laurel Keyes recounted the story of she and Vitvan and others going to hear Walter Russell, and Russell invited them to dinner? Vitvan wouldn’t go, he sort of put the whole thing down. That had a bad vibe to it for me. WHY wouldn’t Vitvan want to socialize even on a “lower” level with someone he could chew the fat with? I think it is because he was jealous, and felt he would look less intelligent by comparison. Same thing when Evans Wentz came to his lecture and he got embarrassed, and fumbled the guy’s name a couple of times. He wanted to be in the respected intelligensia crowd, but held back. He didn’t want Laurel to fall in love with Russell and jilt Vitvan. I mean, if Vitvan didn’t want to have dinner with Russell, why? He preferred to go home and eat with his groupie hens, served by giggling women in his harem?

We keep asking ourselves, WHY hasn’t Vitvan spoken much at all of these inner worlds so many of us are experiencing?? All we hear is “that’s not true development. Avoid the astral.” And then what? Nothing happens to all these people who take the sanctimonious attitude that they are “above” such phenomena, when it has now become 100% clear to us that they don’t KNOW shit about shit. They sit around anesthetized pontificating, “one day my prince will come."

So Vitvan (via Ralph) is being downgraded in my book. Maybe it’s time to take down his picture. He took me as far as he could, which was up to the gates of the First Crossing, but he didn’t get me through, that came from my other practices, and then entheogens. Vitvan’s supplements are for shit. That’s why he said it was a major intent for SNO to figure out a way to accomplish the First Crossing. I don’t think he had any deep water diving techniques, nothing to compare to Grof. Vitvan didn’t even know about birth incidents and the traumatic effect this has on one's psyche and incarnation!. Some missing aspect of “wisdom teaching” that is!

Now there is a possibility that he comes from some deva line other dimension and that there is a certain stream of go-for-Nirvana wisdom teaching that is out there for those devas who wandered in here, and that it is aligned with their DNA as it were, for certain triggers they have, to get them a bus ticket back home in heaven.

But as far as solving things on earth now, or helping people with the layers of shit in our ancient psyche, they got nothing much to work with. Raise your forces! Smile. Pretend. Don't question. Wait.

I hate to admit it because if I cut lines with Vitvan Ralph, then I have to walk away from Home Farm. They get what they deserve. They belong in that dump, on that bus that goes nowhere, listening to the cackling cracker from Kansas’ promises that never come about. Your life is to work around the place as part of his little fiefdom.

It’s these deva types who think Ralph was so great. Because they came and got a buzz, their heads got hot on top, but what the fuck has that done for anyone???  Didn’t help my close friend in the least to analyze the dynamic of her marriage, or to realize all the stuck places in your psyche you can't access... All promises that if you keep muddling on it will magically get right. I don’t see it. With all your energy buzz getting, get UNDERSTANDING.

Now my ego is tweaked. I’ve sort of committed myself to carrying “Vitvan” forward. But why, what parts? Semantics is good. Most of the center stuff is passable, slightly usable, but people need an initiation so that they SEE that they look at the world with veils. Semantics talk has FAILED to deliver. It’s only good afterwards to explain some part of the process after you've really watched your mind construct "reality," watched yourself abstract consciously.

Explanations are Level I. How many times has Ralph said that taking thought will not add one iota to your understanding? But in frustration, he just kept explaining things over and over again. These deluded farts sit and listen to a tape every Sunday and nothing changes for them.  I used to go after micro-dosing with a Soma, and I would sit there hearing a lecture designed just for me! Brilliant. I filled pages with notes and diagrams; then I looked around at the zombies sitting on their asses, not in the least excited by the frequencies going out. Marj doing needlepoint, Bill sleeping, Dan picking at his toes, Susan knitting, Jane having a nervous breakdown, Pat stolid in some non-communicado world... Afterwards they would immediately start talking of sports or gardens or catalogs. What? Hadn't they heard Ralph channeling VITVAN at all??

Like I have said before, VITVAN is not a man, it’s a collective of beings, helpers, ancestors, that we are integrated with, our heavenly (and earthly) family. We have to become Vitvan Jimi, Vitvan Kari. This picture on the wall we have worshipped is only a symbol for our own interior guide, our own Self.... which is just what Vitvan Ralph told us. STOP looking to make contact with Ralph... the only contact that counts is the VITVAN in you.

Ralph didn't like having his formal portrait taken; but the groupies insisted, so he did it for the children. He knew they would objectify him and put him up on a pedestal, just as they have done now. If Ralph didn't say it, then Marj the Literalizer Scholasticist cannot hear it; she's like a pattern recognition machine that cannot UNDERSTAND if the words are different from what she has memorized. Exile DC has stated she cannot register people and thus is fooled by Jane the Toxic.

Ralph even insisted they put a plaque on his portrait to remind them: don't make a fetish out of this body thing that resembles me.

Look beyond it into your own self. He said:

Do not, under any combination of circumstances whatever, 
build up expectations in any person or thing.

Look constantly to the over-all field in which you are integrated for support, protection, supply and fulfillment of all needs

Today I took his portrait down from my wall, where I checked in with "him" every day. The archive is my gift to Ralph and for history.

We await further instruction on how to carry VITVAN’s work forward with ISNO; we’ll take what’s good in Ralph, and abandon the rest.

A gift to humanity would be to nuke HF out of existence so we don’t have yet one more fake phony cult misleading people down a dead end, and serving no purpose much but to encourage shitbags like Marj Susan Pat Jane Lynne to bustle about pompously while abusing people. They should be put in the stocks and in a ducking chair and mocked before the village. They are despicable phonies in a long line of phonies.

They will crow that it is all ego on our part, that we think we are the teacher! Idiots. Ralph told us, don’t look to me, find the Teacher within...

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