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A guy posts in Egodeath web forum (

I've had some involvement in a reformed church founded on Calvinist principles recently, and the discussion of the Holy Spirit in relation to the will of man came up. The position asserted was that the Holy Spirit descends on the elect, through the concept of Grace -- these elect few are pre-destined for Salvation. Then, the degree to which the elect is filled with the Holy Spirit is dependent on how one submits to the Holy Spirit. By becoming an empty vessel -- total submission, one can become completely full of the Holy Spirit. However, if one clings to the flesh -- continues to rebel -- there will be no fertile ground for the Sprit to take root.

This oddly sounded very much like the theory of egodeath, minus the entheogens of course, but it left me slightly bewildered. First, the elect have no choice whether they are chosen or not. However, being chosen, they are provided a choice: submit or rebel. Yet, is it not God's Providence that determines whether we will submit or rebel? This seemed like waffling to me, and contradictory to the "compatibilist" position the church has professed in the past: i.e. man can do what he wills, but not will what he wills. Then how can man will to be submissive?

Surely, one can experience the cancellation of the will in the altered mystic state. However, can one cancel one's will in the ordinary state of consciousness? Can I will myself to be an empty vessel, in anticipation of being filled with the Holy Spirit? How does this relate to ego transcendence as state in the egodeath theory?

Thanks for any insight.

My answer to him, see how this resonates:

My take on this derives from enough "egodeath" experiences with entheogens to find a sense that "I" have a continuity before this birth and after this coming death. Sort of a reincarnationalist type view, but that the "I" that is my true self (Self) is more than this present personality.

Therefore the will that this current personality possesses is a smaller amount that the Over Will of the Higher Self. (That Self may also be an integrated unit within a yet larger Greater Self. The whole thing is likely a fractal reflection)

So "my Father in Heaven" is my Higher Self, who as in the parable of the talents, has given me a small "trust fund" of will, and whether I remember this fact or not, I am still operating at His sufferance.

Many people using 5 MeO have reported being expanded back to Godhead and then they remembered laying out the script of this lifetime. Coming back down has the sense of being "squeezed" into a smaller more limiting little self.

Taken in the way, your current lifetime is not by far your only one, and the only expression of your will, or His Will. In this level of the "video game" you have to achieve "beating the level" or the "boss" of the level, in order to start the next level. This may involve some kind of body upgrade too, with a new nervous system capable of sensibilities now undeveloped.

As a child has limited will under the Will of the parent, so we too act out our part at this level, knowing there are aspects we cannot yet understand.

All of this is predicated on having some kind internal initiations or experiences which you can begin to trust, rather than the kind of "faith" that comes from reading other people's opinions. I believe if you continue to explore taking the sacred communion with the INTENTION of finding out what is next, and opening to there being an invisible support group of higher beings in whose tribe you are already integrated, they will carry you to your next level. You are already surrounded and live in the womb of the Great Light Mother, or Holy Spirit, and your life derives from Her. She will give you what you need at the moment, so don't bewilder yourself by trying to solve the entire puzzle now! You have to grow, and keep growing.

Thus in the end, every act of your "will" small as it is, derives its force from the greater Intention or Will of the Mother-Father who has carried you to this moment of questioning. "They" will not abandon you. In my opinion this "threat" of making a mistake in your decisions is some kind of mind control bullshit laid on us by priests and mind-slavers to cultivate our obeisance so they can milk our "soul juice", pick our pockets, and misdirect our forces. You are made "in the image of God". Follow your spiritual umbilical cord back to Source, and feel it like a substance, a Rock, the Foundation. Now trust your will, even when it makes mistakes.

Does a plant "decide" to grow, flower and fruit? No, the interior force of the Holy Spirit carries it. Thus friend, be like the Lilies of the Field. Be yourself warts and all, allow mistakes, and accept Father-Mother's forgiveness and GRACE and trust that "they" will carry you onward, knowing you must fall many times in learning to walk.

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