Sunday, September 29, 2013

Budhist SNOoze

In all the time we have been satirizing the semi-competent Board who have ruined Home Farm for the rest of us, we've left Val Taylor alone. We had hope for her that her feistyness might drive her to act for Principle, instead of always settling for not confronting the dysfunctional family within which she likes to act out the role of perennial rebel. But in the end she never manages to "come out and be separate," instead allows abuse to go on before her eyes and turns away.

Today's Guest Post is dedicated to Val who claims we live in a "pig pen," while she seems to miss the cosmic irony that she continues to support the pig pen at Home Farm that has driven out so many experienced students who simply cannot take any longer the phoney swill served up there.

Hi!  this is perennial liberal-heart Val Taylor. I’m writing you on behalf of the

Save Fake Farm Fund

As many of you know, Home Farm is increasingly under criticism from student residents who have lived here for years and know the inside story. They have moved away in disgust with the current ancien regime. They are becoming increasingly vocal and now we fear are mounting a legal attack to investigate our long ongoing patterns of abuse and rule by what they call an entrenched elite core.

Of course we continue to have the support of those who only drop in for a week or so periodically and can be schmoozed by our little playlets of family togetherness. We have found that those who don’t live here can go back to their lives elsewhere happy to never awaken from the virtual reality bubble they live in regarding SNO and its degeneration. And that’s YOU, our faithful supporters. Thank god you are only interested in preserving an image of Vitvan instead of the difficulty of trying to live by his Principles.

Where is Compassion in all this? Take dear Jane for instance. She has lived here for years telling people she is not a student of Vitvan. Hasn’t this poor sad woman suffered enough? Can’t she just live out her days in peace without someone pointing out how her negative nattering keeps dripping poison into the well? And think of her long-suffering  husband Pat “Smokehouse” Murray. How difficult it must be for him to live with this and to have to keep turning off his empathy. It’s exhausting to keep filtering out reality in pretense of “protecting Home Farm.”

So what can you do?

I suggest you engage in feel-good political struggles in some place other than in your own backyard. That’s what I do. Believe me it takes commitment to keep denying the bad behavior of the Old Boy network at Home Farm. But I’m a fighter. I can carry on all day about the tough times long ago when we fought for civil rights, and how I cry about injustice, and still manage to wall myself off from taking action when I see lynchings and abuse on my home turf.

How do I do it? It’s not easy but I work at it! Unlike Marj Coffman who is proud of being able to turn off her feelings and live in her mental world of rationalization, I need more. Ordinarily I am not a promoter of consciousness-altering substances, but this one is essential to my health. Remember: Life can be shitty. Why wake up now?

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