Thursday, September 19, 2013

Measuring Results

How can we compare the purposes of ISNO v. SNO?

SNO was the vehicle for Vitvan as Ralph, a giant who capitulated the wisdom of the Past Cycle. His job was to do a write-up of the wisdom of his Cycle and bequeath it to those who followed. His day job was lecturer, and he made his living running a school, selling books, etc. He anticipated the New Cycle, and tried building a bridge into it, but like Moses, he did not pass over into the Promised Land.

What was his Valuable Final Product (VFP)?, the goal of his methodology?

Answer: after a period of sanctuary, recuperation, and mental instruction, to rev things up until SOME students broke consciously into the First Crossing, and embraced this process actively, instead of passively waiting for “life to be their teacher.” For such students to touch upon the root of their being, that Field in which their personality bubble floats, the I AM of Mind level, and now know that the Master is already in them, not outside; and henceforth to listen and follow that inner Teaching given just to them.

How many did he get to this point? He said only 5 or so made it thru the First Crossing to a birth upon Mind level. We don’t know how many developed practices wherein they actively could step outside the egoic personality state into that space of Grace attained again and again in Level 2 First Crossing, but it won’t have been too many. He estimated only 2% had what it takes to persist.

How did he find students? He let the Field find them. He advised against advertisement in publications for the normals. He followed the “cattle-guard rule,” i.e., if someone finds their way to him, they are welcome until the Field moves them away.

ISNO obviously is not an SNO, and does not wish to reach a broad audience in order to make a living. None of us are “Ralphs” either, but simply students working our way through Level 2, who now are capable of mentoring others by sharing what we have learned so far, letting down our hair, being honest about the ups and downs to encourage those who think they struggle alone.

The Sufis have a saying “when you feel the urge to teach,... don’t.” Also, make your living independently of giving teachings. The Spirit is not a product that can be delivered on demand. We serve It, we don’t serve It up. As soon as one depends on “teaching” for a living they will compromise their integrity cranking out new product to pay the bills.

I prefer to follow the “cattle guard” rule. If the Field cannot bring those to us who can use what we have to share, then this whole Process doesn’t work.

It is quite likely that in the end those working behind the scenes may help as many through the First Crossing as Vitvan did looking for that 2% amidst the throng of Old Cycle people who came and went looking for a quick fix, a gold star, or cool initiatory bling. It’s not about numbers anyway, but rather serving the Plan as it comes, rather than making effort to conceive a plan from the little self.

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