Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vitvan for Wimps

Periodically I am inspired to make further commentary upon the charade that is Home Farm and School of the Natural Order, as presented by School Arbiter Marj Coffman, and coming-soon-to-theaters near you, Lynne Hoffman. These are the chief resident “scholars” who assume their filtered version of Vitvan is an accurate representation of what he was actually after.

How appropriate that Marj leads a class called Yoga For Wimps. This really nails the level of instruction she provides in her guise as school marm. In looking back at what must be the focal point of infection that lead to this current decline, it always comes back to Marj Coffman. The envious and sour Marj.

When I first returned to SNO in 2000 I worked hard to be on the team. Marj would happily sneer at the memory of her ex-husband Fred Hess (whom Vitvan considered a possible successor); she mocked John Gozzi (whom Vitvan considered a possible successor); she had bad things to say about Anita, who actually was the successor. And then Jim Dalton "who edited the frequency out of Vitvan's words." She was insulting towards John Sheppard who for more than 30 years had lived at Home Farm, quietly working in the background. All Marj could remember was a distorted view of him as a young man who seduced girls in his orchard trailer. Oh Marj, who so wished to be hip she painted her house in day glow colors, but couldn't get past the fact that young girls and boys just wanted to have some fun twenty years earlier. Here it was two decades later and still these Calvinist uptight judgments gnawed at her mind. Do you know that twice Vitvan send her away from his school, but she crept back in to get her revenge at last. To be the one who controlled the Message of Vitvan.

The core of Vitvan's work is the inner work of what he calls the First Crossing, defined as "bringing up the entire content of the subconscious into conscious awareness." What SNO offers now is NO help in this process because the leaders will not seriously undertake it in themselves. They think that continuously repeating Vitvan's EXOteric work, words, words and more words, is actually carrying out his mission. It's not.

One woman who suffered lifelong depression from repeated childhood abuse finally found relief through sessions with an African shaman using Iboga, the ancient sacred medicine of the Pygmies. When she told Marj that her depression was cured, that she no longer needed bio-identical hormones for menopause, and other remarkable turn-arounds, and wanted to share her story at class, Marj said "No one here would be interested in that."

Can you believe the ignorance of this woman Marj Coffman? What does she think Vitvan's work is really about? It's certainly not about Marj's watered down elementary school marm version. The lack of empathy and understanding of what the entire First Crossing is about is monumental on the part of this poseur.
It was Marj who went along with every bad decision the Board made, while complaining that "they" were too strong for her. It was Marj who said SNO couldn't survive without Susan Wetmore, the girl-woman who has offended more students and residents than anyone else.

Perhaps even Vitvan needed his Judas to steer the ship onto the rocks, so that possibly it might be rebuilt anew one day. But how? Enough students who have lived there and know the inside story have seen the shit they dealt. Susan Wetmore perjured herself in court at an eviction hearing which was in itself an insult to Due Process. The current Board has no scruples when they want to bully to protect their little cult.

Lame duck president of SNO Pat Murray is making a quick exit. He and the Diva of Despondency his spouse Jane are leaving. Why would they give up their plush home they sunk so much money into? Could it be that No Hurry Murray can't take all the physical chores that devolve on him now that SNO has lost its best contractor builders? Or could it be he's aware that SNO has been turned into the Dept. of Ag. for their fraudulent application for a Water Grant; a probe which is not yet closed?

Another insider student repeated to me recently his observations and theory that the real focal infection has been Jane Murray all along. Jane doesn't like Vitvan, she even says she is NOT a student of him. She and her Pollyanna friends tried to edit the Vitvan tapes and remove his occasionally mild salty language. Fortunately this assault on historical verity by the PC police failed.  But as long as she lived there, she would inject her neurotic bile into the stream. When she leaves her lapdog Wetmore will be directionless.  

Next up is the ambitious Lynne Hoffman, the new president. Lynne is so proud and vain she never asks for help. She always says "she can do it all." I guess that's why she still can't resize images or make the SNO website look like anything other than an Excel spreadsheet with boxes. Luckily the majority of the work done by this author still remains.

At the 2014 seminar, Lynne was asked if she understood that it was important to repair the rift with the students who have distanced themselves from SNO, and she said she did. But since Lynne is one of the chief rift-makers, how is this possible? The vanity, insularity, and arrogance of these people is such that they refused to meet in mediation, or discuss any issue. They would surely loose an open discussion if their actions and justifications were compared to Vitvan's instructions for community. No, I cannot see them apologizing, or admitting that they started this war., And so, a smiley face will continue in denial.

In despair over the injustice that has overtaken Vitvan's school, I once threw the I Ching for advice. The oracle reported

SPLITTING APART. IT does not further one 
 To go anywhere.

Inferior people are on the rise and stealthily begin their destructive 
burrowing from below in order to undermine the place where the superior 
man rests. Those followers of the ruler who remain loyal are destroyed by 
slander and intrigue. The situation bodes disaster, yet there is nothing to do 
but wait.

And so, those who have left this sinking ship can best support the Spirit of Vitvan by further inner work upon themselves. I'm sure the intelligent reader will not miss the irony that if Susan or Lynne of Marj were to throw such an I Ching, they would be sure that the "inferior" peoples are the ones they have bullied and harassed and driven out of the school! 

Now in the 2014 “Seminar” I see “students” will be treated to stories about the Dweller on the Threshold, armchair tales with pretty pictures to sooth them into thinking they have actually learned something beyond the psychic symbolism of roadmap pabulum.

What is then the Dweller on the Threshold? When one embraces the Level II of Vitvan’s teaching, the Purificatory Process where one actually cultivates bringing up material from the subconscious, rather than SNO-ozing as goes on in Sunday tape class, they begin to encounter what Vitvan calls the “jackasses and peacocks” of the hidden psyche, the dirty laundry, the embarrassing sexual thoughts, in fact, the feeling that one is too often a puppet jerked around by the “formative forces.” When the Fire of the Cathartic Process in kindled, there will be dark and scary shadows projected from the psyche. How many embrace this Process?

This mask or persona we wear and defend increasingly is seen as programmed behavior, or as St. Paul says “...I see a different law in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin which is in my members. Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?” [Romans 7:24]

In this part of the Process we see more and more that we have had less and less “control” all along, that we did “A” when the Power-to-be-Conscious (P2BC) said “jump to A” and then “B” when IT commanded “now you grow into B.” All along our egos thought it was our practice, our “raising of the forces,” our insights, our plans to co-operate with “evolution” that were bringing about the changes. Oh foolish students, small eddies sidetracked in the Torrent of the Tao, teeny leaves on Giant Trees in a Cosmic Forest, how unimportant your efforts.

As Vitvan once said about the relationship of our Higher Selves and this little private world bubble of the personality, “It’s not that your Higher Self doesn’t care about your private world, It doesn’t even know it exists.”

 And so, what I have to say about the Dweller, or any approach to it, this zone of dissolution in which the proud ego not only lays down and dies, but is pummeled down until it shuts the fuck up, is that these encounters are often of FEAR. Fear of losing control, of your extinction, that there is no future for you, no future for you to design and hold visions of. 

And you can count on the fact that part of the pummeling will be at the hands of those Sweetness & Lighters who now denounce you and your efforts to see clear and cross the Wilderness.  .

There is a reason it is said one should “fear the Lord.” Those who have glimpses of this Greater Power are “full of awe,” and it is because that Power is AWE-FUL. It will bring no comfort to your vanity; in fact IT will make you miserable as you are defeated, deflated and delaminated layer by layer.

Our earth cultures are at the historical crossroads where we are increasingly away that we, semi-conscious that we are, are being PENETRATED by an Alien Mind. Perhaps we always have been. Whether we call this a "higher Self" or "the Elders," the hallmark of such is that IT is of a level of consciousness on a more cohesive level of Field awareness which demands that we surrender to IT. Phrases like "God moves in mysterious ways," or "It is the Will of God" acknowledge that unfolding events often do not support our little self-serving purposes.

Some say the Alien Mind has always been with us; that we are hybrids. Or, that aspects of cosmos called the Archons, seemingly unempathic and antipathetic to human emotions, have invaded us like an infection. Are the mounting blunders of human civilization that have led us to the crises we face now worldwide the outcome of intrinsic flaws in our characters, magnified over time? Or have we left the "natural order" because our innate "goodness" has been corrupted by these invaders? 

Can we even hope to step outside the bubble of our conditioned personalities thru ecstatic means, to hopefully get a glimpse and to find guidance?

It seems to me also a hallmark of the "enlightened states" that they are more detached from personal emotion, compassion being a caring for a larger state of identity, the welfare of humanity. Is there really such an abstraction? Isn't this kind of surrender also capable of becoming on the Dark Side, an "obedience to the State," fascism by way of spirituality? A hive mind? It may not be such a bad thing if we lose some of our "humanity" which needs to mature beyond the "it's-all-about-me" stage. If the time has come for earthlings to join a larger galactic community of the "higher Selves," we may have little choice indeed as to the outcome of being penetrated by the Alien Mind.  Something has to mature in humanity or get fixed for us to move to the next level.

Who in their right mind would embrace this Process? We will all go kicking and screaming when the time comes, but no man knows at what time the Lord will come in. But once this has started its transition in you, then you will know Fear again and again as your private world is undone. And you will slowly learn to embrace it, reluctantly trusting it as there is no turning back once the flame is kindled. It came not to warm you in comfort, but to tear down your house of flim-flam navel-gazing over MY sports team, my religion, my partisan political beliefs, my garden, my book edits, "our" [MY-- Marj Coffman says] School.

For those who sit in classes watching pretty pictures of this upcoming trainwreck, enjoy your Dick and Jane level roadmap for now, your astral mummery and feel-good nursery school stories. If you have not felt the fear of yourself slipping away, the fake foundation being broken and razed to expose the Bedrock of Ages beneath, then you are where you belong: 

Sitting at any version of an Home Farm looking at a reflection of the Moon pointed towards by the Alien Mind Level of one who has found the "Vitvan" within.

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