Monday, September 22, 2014

Learn to Give Value

There's a phrase of so-called "wisdom" bandied about by students at SNO. "Learn to give no value."

Reflecting on this, it struck me how out of context it is, and generally what inappropriate advice it also is.

When Vitvan examined his own inner working, he could comment: “Hmmm, I don’t seem to get caught up in giving value anymore. So then, O my chela, Learn to Give No Value.”

Then what happens? Some student is trying to reverse engineer a higher state, and then IMITATE it. This is the kind of “shortcut” that is rightly condemned. (for one who is actively training honestly in their level, there are, as in all training, worse and better methods, hence actual “shortcuts” which experience and testing will reveal)

But a higher state is not something you LEARN by some practice, by constantly stopping and correcting your natural self.

Giving value, making decisions, judgment calls, seeing distinctions, this is what the ego mind in the South Half does. And correctly so.

Here’s my big critique of this kind of yogic process: Yes you can still the South Half with discipline and suppression of its forces so that you go into a quiescent reflective state. But will it stick? Are you “naturally” there? Did you grow to it through expression from the I AM ? Or is this an ego based practice on the pleasure-profit motive level, someone seeking to end ‘suffering?’ and get more pleasure. Does anyone see how much “value giving” is in this kind of method? So what happens? These guys will have to reincarnate and pick up where they artificially pushed themselves off the track.

You don’t like certain foods? You’re giving value. You don’t want certain people as lovers? You’re giving value. In fact we do it all the time, and it is appropriate to find out what the personality is composed of. After all your so-called Higher Self apparently found it necessary or of "value" to put forth this personality you have identified with.

If you brought your computer to me and said “It’s got viruses. What do I do?” and my learned response was “Just turn it off and voila! you won’t be troubled any more.” Then why have a computer?

One doesn’t “learn” to give no value, they burn out value giving until they outgrow that phase. Correctly allowing the Natural Order to express itself means give value again and again and again, refining it, watching it, streamlining it.

When an teacher in higher states tries to describe his conscious state behavior, it should NOT be taken as what to do. This only derails the student from his levels of growth. This leads to inauthentic students derailed onto some siding in their development. They may look peaceful or detached, but they are really disassociated, with an unintegrated psyche, and will sit stuck on this spur because they are not developing through refining being reactive. A student driven by pleasure-profit motive will only abandon non-effective reactions IF they continue to give value and test out their psychic machinery.

You see it everywhere, guru groupies clustered like chicks around Mama Guru Hen. They live for the contact high. But unless pushed out of the nest, they will not outgrow the value they give to being a chela, and thus cannot one day find the master in themselves.

When YOU move beyond sitting in church and reading about or listening to someone else's patter about THEIR state, and begin to touch on new states in yourself, then you will begin to have faith that  there really is a Plan of Unfoldment; then you begin to stop trying to grade yourself and "how far along you are," and trust in the Process to do Its thing on you. Next you'll realize that YOU are the PROCESS Itself, and It was perfectly happy to create and put forth a "you." WHY are you messing with the program? Just Be It and let It be you.

 They keep saying "it's all energy" but then condemn certain expressions of this divine energy. That's what you do when your ego is not yet ready to surrender to the Process working you over. Don't worry what "they" think or say, don't worry about trying to be "nice." Be "good," be "bad;" when you let it all hang out and honor your expression as it arises, then you may discover how Being is beyond value giving.

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  1. Can't even begin to count the times I've heard from SNO students, "the value you give reacts upon you." When one is in the middle of a reaction, it only makes you want to smack the speaker... mainly because it comes across as an automatic response from the mental, completely devoid of empathy, coldly superior, a kind of "see, I'm a better student than you because I can repeat this phrase I learned from Vitvan and sound so sage and wise." We've blindly accepted many of these "truisms" without question or analysis for way too long. I love the conclusion of the post -- go ahead and give value, react, self-express! If we later find that we didn't like how the particular reaction made us feel, then we have fine material to go to work on for our own inner process.