Sunday, December 21, 2014

If you meet the Christ on the road, crucify Him!

It’s nearly Xmas time again, and so here is my gift from the I AM in me to the I AM in you.

We’ve evolved enough to know that the stories of external “saviors” and “god-men” are really a mythos describing the software of Unfoldment found in the kernel of each of us, part of the OS of our soul-self (a developing entity and vehicle for communicating the collective memory of our Oversoul, and each incarnational bio-bot).

The “enlightened” ones tell us pretty much the same tale: that we live in a collectively hallucinated consensus reality, a soup of private worlds, each of us adding our own slant and flavor to the stew. The collective densit y of our overlapping precepts gives weight and inertia to “reality.” It persists because we reinforce it.

Put  simply, they said we live in a maya, or construct. Parts of it are “true” but much is freighted with personal projection, hence an “illusion.”

The problem is when people try to imagine what it would feel like to perceive without their normal current of self-identifying, self-promoting predictive filtering of the vast streaming ocean of incoming sensory data. They can’t do it UNLESS they are somehow shocked out of the normal mode of processing.

Meditation advocates promote that their particular set of tools will do this, and they always point to a very small handful of adepts in their tradition. But other than these natural savants the overwhelming majority cannot lift themselves out of their ordinary repetitive patterns of massaging “reality.”

Vitvan came to this conclusion based on the dismal results seen watching the non-progress of his students. The feel-know Delphic emotional approach only worked for some...some whose internal structures were sufficiently “loose” so that they could enter what Michael Hoffman of calls “loose-cog,” the ability to watch yourself construct realities, standing aside and seeing the thoughts arise and get sorted into categories.

Along came GS, General Semantics, which finally  put forth a pretty clear explanation of how the nervous system automatically “abstracts,” sorts and files sensory input. It all happens behind the scenes as daily models of reality are constructed and reinforced. If only one could become aware of this process, then they could begin to eliminate erroneous calculations. One could become more “sane” meaning what they perceived had a better alignment with what is “out there” and thus improve their survival ability. After all, whether we say it is blind evolution, or a spiritual component forever increasing higher levels of identity and organization which we call the I AM within us, it’s always a story about getting the maps to match the territory better. Which means greater cooperation and even surrender to the Intelligence of Self-organizing Cosmos.

Alas, jamming this mentalization down student’s throats did NOT “stop the mind,” and lift the “soul” or “spiritual viewer” very far out of their constructed reality... if at all. One has only to look at those still plodding in his School of the Natural Order. This has become some sort of Smug Club where those persons pride themselves on “owning” a “superior product.”  “My teaching is more advanced that yours!” And now, they have even reductively dwindled back the force of Vitvan’s maps and outline by insisting their purpose is to (only) “disseminate Vitvan.”  All one has to do is read the Mission Statement put forth by Vitvan himself in the Incorporation papers for SNO: he says their purpose is to share and teach the relationship between man and God, and to pass on the wisdom teachings of ancient masters and methods. In fact, he does not even mention himself by name!

SNO never lifts the student any higher than into a mentalizing model about the nature of Cosmos. The real work, or Purificatory Process ONLY begins after one contacts a higher Field, and repetitively learns to enter loose-cog states, allowing the energy of the higher field to flush through them and rattle out the stuck knots of personal history and poor map-to-territory self-justifying emotional constructs.

And should any student contact  this higher field (the true Home Farm in the inner worlds) they will find their energized state increasingly in conflict with the Procrustean status quo at Home Farm, until the ruling culture there can no longer stand having its presumptive authority undermined, and drives this student away. Be of good cheer! To be pushed out of that nest means you are no longer a fledgling in an incubator for babies.

The value of psychedelics (“mind manifesting) substances as sacraments and medicine, in the hands of those who can use them as tools intelligently, is that they shut down normal abstracting, induce loose-cog and the chance to see through the constructed thicket of the persona, to the shining yet Awe-Full core of meta-human consciousness that we are; that we are not this suit, this construct, this meatbag of harvested perceptions and prejudices. That we are in fact an embedded and immutable thread within a larger Intelligence, with which we must cooperate. IT is driving us until we become operable fingers upon ITs Hand.

To pretend that because the Vitvan that spoke through Ralph did not discuss some subject, then we cannot talk of it  or incorporate new information into the set of maps he left behind, is patently stupid,  not at all in line with his instructions, and is the narrow defense mode of the unawakened children who impose their sandbox values on students who come into his School. SNO has become Plato’s Playpen in the Cave.

Vitvan succinctly defines the First Crossing (the Core Curriculum of his teaching and work) to be simply the "bringing up of the content of the Unconscious into conscious awareness."

Psychedelics can do that. Meditation as taught by SNO, and even by Vitvan himself, has a notable track record of failure. But when you read deeper into him, you realize he was not promoting this Unwinding dissolving process for the average camp follower and student. It would be premature and too much for them. So he bequeathed tame palliatives that might calm down a reactive mind... but little more. It takes power, shock, and a higher energy field to crack open the nut of the personality vehicle so that Mind might manifest.

I conclude with this passage from Michael Hoffman:

Meditation *can*, "can", induce panic attack and enlightenment -- except, in fact and in practice, meditation does not, without psychedelics, lead to enlightenment about non-control and fatedness and recognizing religious mythic metaphor as referring to entheogens revealing Heimarmene and Cybernetics.

If you claim that you care about meditation, then you are wrong unless you also advocate our right to meditation with psychedelics otherwise you are just another Tool of the state, fraudulent authoritarian liars, prostituting yourself to be used by the prohibitionists - you are a sellout to the prohibitionist state and an enemy of actual religious experiencing.

To advocate meditation while belittling psychedelics is to be a fraud and to be complicit in Prohibition. Advocates of meditation who falsely belittle psychedelics are guilty and complicit in putting people in jail under fraudulent pretenses. They have the blood of today's martyrs on their hands. If you advocate meditation, you must advocate psychedelics even more so, or else you're acting foolish, spouting prohibitionist lies that oppress people.

The meditation advocates are privileged aggressors who cooperate, collaborationist with the prohibitionists. These drug-slandering meditation advocates' thinking is infected by prohibitionist biased attitudes. These meditation bullies beat up on psychedelics, taking unfair cheap flimsy pot-shots from their privileged Establishment-friendly positions. Due to Prohibition-based censorship, no worthwhile writers are allowed to publish rebuttals to the absurd claims, the absurd put-downs that the meditation advocates make against psychedelics.


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