Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tipping Over

There has been an eons long struggle for the control of our most precious resource, the Light within each of us, which Light is called Soul.

Some of us were called to be Scapegoats for the tribe, to dare and look into the Darkness that has crept up around Our Innocence. As we looked deep into our own dissatisfactions, we drew the fear and rejection of those who also want to be freed from their inner fear of Self, but who lack the needed stamina, and so have settled into a rut of cautious and conservative clinging to old identities. They were not the adventurers and explorers, but those who stayed home.

I, as your ISNO Shaman, have come to the tipping point. The Darnkess that overtook SNO has had its glamour broken. We took this on like an anvil upon which the collective sins of the tribe could be beaten, hammered, and heated to incandesence in the Forge of Love's Fire.

this Love is not soft and sentimental; this Love does not look backward to imitation of former days, which now are spun into mythologies that never were. The Real Work was always about being on the Forge, being hammered, until all the personal heartstrings we keep strumming next to our breasts, our doorway back to innocence, but also our trap of identity; until we come to the breakthrough Realization that we cling to our Sadnesses because it was at those times of deepest loss we also felt most Alive and in touch with our Fearless Self.

Here is the basic rule of the Shaman: everyone keeps trying to use their Loss as a wedge in time that opened them, however briefly, to the Greater Self, the One who has nothing to Fear, who can lose all the Past, who needs not old books and club memberships. But the One who lives in the Adventure Of Now.

We have broken the Spell. We are at the Tipping Point. Some will glibly say "let the healing begin" but until they can confess their part, and bravely enter their own Shamanic Odyssesy through the dark continents of their psyches, we must hold them at arm's length, until they enter upon the Journey in earnest.

If the Path may be summarized in what it is all about, it is that we are Seekers trying to find out again, the Goodness and Pleasure of Being, being yourself. Of finding and holding a Sanctuary where others can admit to their fears and try and work back into Loving themselves, the All of them.

This is not about higher states, and modes of behavior, and all that roundabout approach we take as we come into the center of the Labyrinth of ourself. We have to come to the pure love of ourself; and only then can we help others to find it.


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  1. Beautiful post... and these words are part of it too. "I think we can now see that some came here to be Scapegoats and shamans, and take on the darkness of the Tribe within themselves. For they struggled not just for their little selves, but also as Sacrifice on behalf of the Tribe. We faced the Fear of being worthless and unlovable, our deepest shame that we might be found out to be unworthy. For it’s not true at all, but to be “worthy” one has to accept all others in their Path to finding and re-learning to Love themselves. We took their fear, their insecurities which tied them into bundles of Pretense, and we unravelled the bundles, we turned them over and over, we burned them as offerings. And so this Work will always continue, resisted, and unSeen by those who may need it most..." Shared on Facebook at