Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cognition is the fruit of Lumination

"Lumination” is a term from Wilhelm Reich’s work, where he observed that when the body of flesh is not transversely blocked with ridges from traumas and energy suppression, waves of energy can travel from toe to head and back, just as we see in a chortling baby who can be tickled into waves of pleasure giggles anywhere on the body. When energy can flow freely like this, we glow and “illuminate” or as he called it “luminate.”  Light is given off from waves of cascading pleasure flows. Or rather, we can say that cascading flows of energy (not too strong) are felt as pleasure.

Over time we learn to suppress our emotions by clenching down musculature in the body (tight pelvis, flat chest, clenched chin, dry eyes, rigid solar plexus., etc.,) and these clenchings lay in transverse muscular and cellular ridges which interrupt the free cascade. For babies, orgasm is body long and wide. For adults, their built up “character armoring” means orgasm (Life energy cascade thru the Root and sexual centers) does not flow body wide, but is usually felt (and trapped) only in the genital areas.

The release of such armoring and restoration of body wide light-energy cascade is the goal of classic Reichian work. Each release of the cellular ridges also brings back memory of the root trauma that caused the block, and thus we gain understanding of how our percepts have been warped]

Information (as from experience, or the absorption of wave gunas) is patterning that is recorded and imprinted in “matter,:” “flesh,” “cellular membrane,” ...etc., some kind of imprintable recording medium. Over time this builds up layers in a disorganized fashion, like an archeological dig. If it is then stirred by a higher field of energy, the amplification causes the layers to organize by resonant musical tones into a higher structure.

But first, those elements that are discordant with the lattice of organization have to be purged out. This cleaning phase gives rise to negative reactions, illness, grumpiness, moodiness, until "every tree not planted by the Father" is flushed from the system. This is the famed First Crossing or Purificatory Process.

As it becomes organized or coherent, it starts to luminate under the amplifying force. When lumination reaches critical mass, it cascades and releases light. This is the Aha! Moment when the light bulb of understanding (cognition) goes off and we feel a release of tension: “Aha! NOW I see what underlay this!”

So wave frequencies collect and nest in recording medium as experience and memory. Under favorable conditions a higher energy input can organize this data into new patterns to measure Cosmos against (labeling, abstracting, for feel-know taste of qualities). Organization leads to a cascade when energized, and there is an “orgasm” or release of light energy felt as “understanding.” (getting “under” or to the root of the causation or pattern developed)

So this is the routine pattern of life learning. This is how the generative force boot-straps itself “upward,” or as in Taoism, the ching chi distills itself up through the tan tiens (retorts) into more and more subtle essence. This collected essence can then be consciously built into a new subtle body, the body of the Golden Flower.

Once understood then we ask how can we cooperate and maximize this progression into higher refined percepts? Into a more sensitive nervous structure?

Answer: we increase lumination.

How: by enhancing wave cascade, which means layering energy upon energy as overtones. When one meditates or contemplates, AND, can hold a tone or frequency in a feedback manner, layering tone upon itself, it starts a nesting process. The waveforms can be packed in when using harmonics, much like data can be compressed in a zip file of binary 1’s and 0’s. Fractal compression. Turns out this idealizes at the phi ratios for maximum compaction and nesting.

Phi-loading is nesting waves until a cascade builds and releases.

Orgasm is a phi-cascade, drawing from Root earth generative flows up, thru sexual organs.  Animals rely on cyclical earth energies to luminate, then they rut and cascade in mating. Humans can draw on other higher energy fields and thus luminate at any season or time.
In addition, external energy can be added to increase amplitude. Old standbys like rhythmic breath, steady state calm, chanting, smooth flow of thoughts arising, will work. The key is repetition in a feedback loop, layered on so each repeat snuggles into the "arms" of the previous wave. You can start out doing it mechanically but as you get a feeling for it you can feel the "bumb" as each layer nestles in. The essence of mediation is watching yourself, self watching self, then self watching self watching self (!)... and this leads to the emergence of Self (with capital S), the Viewer, which could also be seen as the ego (protector watch dog) maturing into a compassionate "hypervisor" who forgives and loves and encourages the little self like a good parent does the child.

Also more powerful is entheogenic doping (as a laser beam is “doped” to entrain the waves). When done judiciously, the cascade can be enormously increased and thus so can the lumination, and cognition can occur in fruiting clusters and blow out photonic orgasms.

Key here is our desire to use the cascade to reorganize our nervous system (and etheric structures) into more complex transceivers. It is better to push the envelope of the pneumatic ovum steadily and gently rather than repeatedly blowing out the building energy (with possible ruptures or tears in the Ovum membrane). Occasional blow-outs of course can also be wonderful and instructive. But building in faculty is the goal so you must absorb the fruit of the cascade. (and layer it back! Tree makes fruit with seed, then drops it to the ground and fertilizes itself! The serpent Oroboros eats its tail. You are the lover of yourself!)

Eventually we see that there is a method of gathering gunas thru experience, collecting, holding, then bringing in energy to organize and cascade the packed “juice” in this Malkuthian substance into uprising branchings, flowerings and fruiting. Your prayer becomes “Lord, bring it on!” Bring it down, hold it, hand shake and feel-know,  and then let it rise up according to the self-organizing Seed unfolding  You "surrender" to the Process not because you are subjected by force, but rather you surrender to cooperating with yourself as the Process itself.

While the unfoldment of the Seed must occur according to natural order timelines, time is also a waveform and can be accelerated as dimensions interpenetrate. “Short-cutting” really comes to down conscious co-operation with the removal of roadblocks, and adopting accelerants to increase cascade If you can’t stand the heat, it’s OK to keep out of the kitchen. Maybe later.

You can haphazardly go along (“Life is my teacher”); or you can initiate a regular practice to co-operate and not obstruct the Natural Order Process. It seems to come down to How Much Lumination can you take? When cascade is too much it become pain, and few want to explore that to get to the other side.

When beings in higher frequencies contact us, their fields initiate amplification, which brings up blockages. Thus there is always a purificatory process as we Self-organize our structure “upward.” Old patterns once useful have to be upgraded.

[re-edited with some additions Mar 6 9pm PST]


  1. Perfectly describes the experiences and overall process, excellent post, thank you...

  2. Beautiful piece of wisdom. I'll pass it on to friends.