Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Broken Crysalis

ISNO was born as a Shield to protect a germinating seed within the dying corpse of SNO.  It was a symbol to catch the attention of any waking ones, that in contradistinction to the elementary school Level 1 consciousness of the Board, Ralph worship, Pollyanna PC mindset, and Cult stuckness in old forms; that fresh and extensional material and insights could still emerge from individuating students.

Once separated from SNO, it no longer served a purpose. SNO will not be rejuvenated by grafting on an ISNO, which the Cult leaders don’t understand and find odious.

ISNO was meant to stand only for a while, as a hand pointing at the moon, a reminder to not confabulate the Reification of the Wisdom as found at SNO, with another Reification called ISNO.

All lines mooring or connecting to SNO as it is now, will only act as a retarding influence to one’s development.  Any adventurous Gulliver must separate from that group lest the Lilliputians drag him back with the binding lines of their small world.

Let the babies sleep.

Thus ISNO Shaman was a flower that fruited and fell, a moment in the sun glinting on a butterfly's wing as it  escaped the tomb.

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  1. He has one thing right -- he IS NO shaman.