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W(h)ither ISNO

Every once in a while, a few are born with “shamanic” nervous systems, meaning they can “tip over” and enter other subtle levels of consciousness and receive instruction from intelligences hidden to the average person’s eye. In our little world of SNOB, SNOC, ISNO, Home Pharm, it was Ralph, back in 1883.

After training from his “thesis” supervisor, Mozumdar, the Blessed Ones in Light’s Regions, collectively named “Vitvan” agreed to work with the vessel, conduit, channel, named Ralph. Again and again Ralph stated the Work came through him, not from him.

If there was any central goal of his methodology and instructions, it was that others might  make the Contact for themselves also, after they got off their tape-listening asses in classroom, and got up the gumption to break into and cultivate the First Crossing.

With the enthusiasm of  a Journeyman setting out, Ralph was sure he would lead hundreds into the experience of the higher levels of consciousness he could visit.

How has that worked out? Hard knocks revealed that people are mired in a “basic state,” and you cannot push them out of it. Ralph scaled back his expectations. In the end, after 50 years of sannyasin work, founding schools, and volumes of writings, he had to say that maybe he had found 5. Eventually, one of them, Anita Hayden, succeeded him when he passed over.

Let’s look at two other men on Vitvan’s short list whom he considered capable to carrying on his Outline: Fred Hess and Dr. John Gozzi. Fred was the ex-husband of Marj Coffman, a man she could not speak of without a sneer and put-down. Perhaps that will tell you something of her nature. Dr. John eventually moved off and started a sister group in Colorado, which fell apart upon his passing, and is now making a feeble attempt to return to more tape-listening.

In 1973 I had lived for a year at Home Farm, and was disappointed in my apparent lack of ability to feel the whooshing energies other students claimed they were having in meditation with Anita. Let’s be clear: Anita had spent decades with Vitvan, in his darshan, and she had the Mojo.

But both Fred and John, of a more intellectual nature, had not broken through, despite years of practice using Ralph’s methods and his attempts to reverse-engineer why he could contact certain states but others could not follow him. Here are two men, on Vitvan’s short list of successor, after years of dedication, and still, the “Vitvan System” had not produced the result.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Ralph said that most of his followers should stick to the sweetness ‘n light if they couldn’t handle the forces encountered when doing battle with “Evil.” He said that only 2% would tough it out with his methodology; the rest should stick to the antiseptic lessor practice of  “raising your forces” (running away from confronting your own South Half); or even, go down the road to that other ashram run by Flower Newhouse, where sincere and smiley-faced pabulum was served. Vitvan proclaimed that his school served “red meat,” the real stuff.

So? How has that worked out?

Here’s what Dr. John told me. Both he and Fred Hess needed stronger medicine than the so-called “red meat” Vitvan served up. Both of them went off and underwent Reichean body work to break through their “character armoring.” This did the trick for them, and that is what he recommended for me; and that is what I did.
There is a flame inside the seeker, that may burst up into a larger Fire if they are at the right basic state, and ready. But it’s covered over by what Ralph called the “adamantine veil” that most (including his followers) cannot, or will not break through. But if and when this flame gets fanned, then there is no turning back to the former life of tape-sitting and repeating the liturgy of someone else’s words. Fred called this “the Urge.” Some have it, some don’t.
( see Fress Hess Returns )
Looking back, we have come to the conclusion that Ralph was like a traveler and scholar who wrote wonderful descriptions of the far away and foreign places he had visited; but no amount of reading his books or hearing his talks would ever succeed in transporting the student-follower there.
His methodology sucked. At least for Joe Average. After all, if it was so great, why then did Jim Dalton, Dean of the School, Anita’s successor, go on into Buddhist practices? How can you explain why Marj, Bill, Susan, Jane, Pat, Lynne, on and on, why virtuallynothing has happened in their inner life, and they even call themselves the “normals?’
Who on the Path, if they have found the Urge, would ever call themselves “normal?”

This now brings me to wrap up with my story:
What Did and Does It Mean that I proclaimed the INNER School of the Natural Order, or ISNO?  I am nowhere near to Ralph’s stature, nor ever claimed to be. But once the Flame was ignited, it had to be nurtured, and protected against the negativity at SNO Home Farm, and it served as a Declaration that SNO had lost its way, and as a validation of what was still there, dormant, sleeping. They talk of it, but can’t serve it up, can’t show you if you ask. Even Lynne now recognizes that she'll have no one left to boss around and is begging for new ideas.

But, they got nothin'  
I left HF in 1973 looking for “red meat.” I knew I needed help cracking my stubborn case open, and I would travel and investigate and do whatever was needed to make Contact. For 30 years I went to classes and practiced (not just read about) inner world techniques in multiple disciplines to open the doors, and travel the realms.
I tried anything that could demonstrate it could deliver a result beyond having a good talk. Five years in Reichean with Israel Regardie; five years among the disciplined Scientologists learning the workable processes they have; five years doing Taoist work in Mantak Chia’s Healing Tao system; five years with an “out-of-body” inner world travel master; five more years with advanced and liberated Scientologist auditors who had the mojo and could deliver the product free from the Church’s fanatic unsanity. Step by step, each study and practice synthesized into a set of skills that could be used to methodically dismantled hidden defenses and blindnesses within the subconscious.  Until one day making Contact with the Jewel within the Lotus.
Then the Field directed me back to the pressure cooker/incubator at Home Farm. I returned in 2001 with the unexamined expectation that while I had been away doing my extensional studies, they too had progressed. Instead I found squatters living there for cheap rent, putting on a half-hearted show of being “students.”  They were not interested in hearing anything new (extensional) that rocked their safe little good ship Lollypop. SNO was scraping the bottom and heading for the rocky shoals under the non-leadership and non-vision of the Board.

After some years of repression and effort against the psychic inertia of the “normals,” the steam built up to such an extent that I had a meltdown, & had to leave for a year to recover; once recovered I vowed not to run like so many before, & returned to do battle and Serve what I had found. During the time I struggled there for years, I used the medicines in conjunction with twice daily Holosync, digging deeper and deeper, until Contact was made.

I literally fought to push their forces away from drowning out the Flame I had found and was protecting in an Inner Temple I was consciously building.

Eventually I contacted the true Vitvan within the Field, the Lakshmi of the Lake, which was an actual download that grew within into a Citadel. Bit by bit the INNER School was being revealed and brought into consciousness, beyond being the background warmth in the incubator.

[Near the end, while the normals sat SNOozing in class knitting, or picking at their toes, I came with a notebook and came away with pages of new understandings, having heard an Inner Lecture within what was said on the tape. I knew now for a fact that there was an Inner esoteric teaching woven into the exoteric words; it was a matter of tuning in. Some looked askance: what was he doing with all those diagrams and writing? Then, as the tape ended, they turned to more gossip and garden talk. Discussing the lecture, much less any ideas and insights exotic to the “standard liturgy” was frowned on. Go Broncos.]

Eventually an Inner World Home Farm became a place I visited in my dreams, as waking and dreaming consciousness began to blend. (I have to say for the record that I ran into the same people there and we all seemed to get along fine; quite unlike the drama that runs through Home Farm on this 3D level. Souls seem bigger there; but down here on this level, when states and their respective fields collide, they first try to marginalize you, shut you up, and finally they evict and ban you)

Once I came to trust that I, the slow goat climbing the mountain, had actually found and entered this INNER School, I knew I could finally go beyond verbal teaching, and actually guide some, the few, into and upon their First Crossing,

By dint of YEARS of synthesizing inner world techniques, and working with them, I knew, with the mindset of a contractor who Knows his tools and how to use them, based on years of experience with them, that I could NOW, and not before, say that I could navigate some of the Deep Waters of the Inner Worlds.

As the Citadel formed within my consciousness, the name INNER School of the Natural Order was revealed, and it stood for what happened when IT made CONTACT with me. We do not choose this; IT chooses us when we are ready.

ISNO has a definite and sacred referent to me. It CANNOT be promoted and marketed by words or imagery. It is found ONLY after years of hard work seeking within. It is not some franchise whose name you can put on your letterhead or Facebook page, and truly represent just because you want to join the Club. SNO is a Club. I have no interest in making another Level I Club.

For newbies who are just dipping their toes into the waters, with limited practices in place, and limited use of the medicines, for these I apply the term or title Explorer. After YEARS of exploring steadily, and not as a dilettante, they MIGHT finally come to the level of the title I only recently acknowledged in myself: Navigator.  We are still coming out of the the Probationary level as found in When the Sun Moves Northward, finally glimpsing the clear air above the South Half.

I had a hard time disentangling from the Negative Glamor Field that prevails at Home Farm, but by confronting “them” I was using “Evil” in its proper way as Ralph prescribed: to bring to the surface your own buttons and reactivities. I acknowledge with gratitude those who gave me help and support during this “coming out and being separated” period.

Nonetheless, anyone who tries to market, promote, run up the flag of some kind of structure, organization, product, that they call ISNO, has missed the point entirely. I have to disassociate myself from this Reification and anyone prematurely claiming the title of Navigator. 

For IT chooses you when you are ready; you do not choose IT, join a Club, or get a Members Only jacket because you made a monthly donation.

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