Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Armonic Field

Written on morning of my birthday Jan 7 2011.
The underlying root reality is the Harmonic Field.

·                     Picture of the planet making depression in the gravitic grid.
·                     This is really the underlying Harmonic Field (HF) birthing the particle.

·                     This is Light Mother birthing the child.

·                     This is dark night sky sweating out stars.
·                     We focus on the stars or particles and overlook the underlying (udder-lying) Harmonic Field

·                     The Harmonic Field is the web of vibrational mathematical relationships. It is the collagen that connects all the cells.

·                     By resonance are different nodes entrained. To the eye that sees only particles there appears to be no connectedness but only “empty” space and distance between the resonating particles, or data points.

·                     Each conscious being has a “reality tunnel” or limiting lens that auto-constructs reality by only resonating those chords in its software. This causes the Harmonic Field to activate those data points that “prove” the “truth” of the viewpoint of that reality tunnel. Selective observation.

·                     13,000 years ago in the Golden Age perception of the HF predominated over perception of the particles.

·                     The Harmonic Field is a Self-referential web. This Self organizing Intelligence is Christ Mind. When we say, “Let that Mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus our Lord,” we mean, let your little mind of particulars be entrained by the Mind of the Harmonic Field.

·                     Thus 13,000 years ago in the Gold Age, little minds were absorbed in the Harmonic Field, and the placement of temples, buildings, Rennes le Chateau, etc., was done without resorting to math on paper, for the beings who “walked with God” were clear channels to the HF, and they sited the structures as an expression of the mathematical harmonics of the Harmonic Field.

·                     We call the Harmonic Field the AEtheric, or Etheric. It is the source of our vitality.

·                     The Harmonic Field is the Field of Be-ingness, the Undifferentiated Mother that supports all the “children” or particles.

·                     The Harmonic Field is the Armonic Field (AF), or the Rotational Fire that animates all particles. We symbolize the AF by the pentagram, the Self-referential Phi figure. The swastika with its 4 arms and center point also symbolizes the Rota power.

·                     A cubic inch of the Void is said to contain enormous power.

·                     Thus in “making” or ‘bringing to earth” or manifesting the One as ST-One, Stone, we only need a pinch of the Armonic Field.

·                     Add the pinch to the Green Lion which will thirstily drink up this Rota Fire

  • Now wet the dried earth called our scaly black dragon, which is a massa confusa, a pomegranate of fertility

  • Things must be brought to a liquid state for the Spirit (Rota) to move and transform.
  • Phee Phi Pho Phum I smell the blood of an Angel's Plum
·                     Under external heat the mixt is softened and liquefied. The Rota moves and loosens the bonds in the pomegranate. The pomegranate lattice-work is the containment chamber or Klein bottle that will contain the moving Plasmic Spirit.
·                     Thus, very little Armonic Salt, dissolved in a greater proportion of Green Lion, wetting a larger yet portion of Earth. 

·                     How much salt should the Green Lion drink? Depends on the potency of the Fire, which will vary with the time and place of its fixation (when the HF is crystallized and fixed when the UR is reduced to earth). One must make up a mixt and heat it. If the flask explodes you had too much AE. Use less. IF the mixt evolves slowly add more next time. A sensitive could get an answer.
·                     It is possible that if the Green Lion is swirled after the AE is added, that an etheric Star will be seen on the surface in the right glinting light, perhaps at dawn. Perhaps swirling should be done at dawn and twilight when the 19.7 force has opened the Crack. That is the time to open the Green Lion by vertical swirling. 
·                     When the Star is seen (if at dawn this would explain the symbol of the Morning Star as Venus, or Lucifer the Light that can fall and be captured).
·                     Once the Star is seen, Delos has been born.
·                     Better yet, add pinch of salt, then swirl at dawn. If no star, then add another pinch. As long as the Green Lion will drink of the salt, there is no harm. 
·                     The salt opens the Green Lion by vertical swirling. The Green Lion drinks in the Rota that leaks thru the crack at dawn. When this is imprinted sufficiently on the Green Lion, then the womb of the Green Lion has been fertilized. 

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