Friday, December 28, 2012

Energy Vampires

I came across this interesting video yesterday, entitled Energy Vampires Part 1. It makes one wonder if it is possible to see things clearly in a close relationship, or if we can ever know what others really think of us...?

Meditated on the message, and I saw how this kind of energy pervades our world, that we all wander in some kind of darkness that is outside of what we can see. We are all reflecting some part of our psyche onto others selectively, i.e., we are all components in a larger psyche or Psyche, the Soul of the World, a greater Being in whom we live and move and have our being.

In my conceptions I usually think of the First Emanations as some kind of pure Mother substance, a Prima Materia they call it, whether the Vacuum, Void, etc., and then from out of that our world emanates, as we are sort of expelled like Adam & Eve from a Garden of Wholeness into a time-space continuum of Separation and Wandering, such that we have to go on a Journey to find our way back.

NOW it looked like each of us is like a light bulb, a self contained unit of Radiance, but each of us has a unique set of gunas and therefore "filters." And we are right now, at this moment, and have always been immersed in Mother Substance, which is pure darkness. We swim in it, we are cradled in it. And like Vitvan’s tale of the chela going up the dark mountain with a lantern, all we can see is a few feet in front of us, seeing through the eyes and lens of our persona and its filters, seeing by the Light that we cast off.

You zoom out and you see all these little lights moving through a vast Sea of Pure Darkness. The Units of Light are what Vitvan calls the Positive Force, it is the (so-called) Male force that Feel-Knows the Female’s body of substance. Something like the animal-male penetrates the female, this quality of the point of Light to illumine the Mother substance is actually the act of Knowing what that Unit is made of, Who It is.

In other words, God emanates all possibility, all gunas are threading and swimming in that Dark Ocean, and the URGE to know ITSELF is expressed as these emergent points of Light which illumine the area around them so they can see-feel-know the gunas swimming like schools of unconscious fish. 

Each of us sends back a unique field report to Headquarters of how it looks to us.

And now back to Energy Vampires... Who is responsible then for what they do not see? Or for what their own Light cannot illuminate, and for which filters they came into this incarnation with, thanks to the Mutation Machine that spins out new re-vamped (pun intended) models of flesh every few micro-seconds according to some astrological clock wheel?

I also got a glimpse that this is a communication from the “devil of darkness,” the type that inhabits Illuminati circles and feeds off the energy of others, like in the movie Eyes Wide Shut.
The devil himself is a wounded entity, part of a long chain, who enslaved himself and he too needs to be freed. So I did a little inner work on accepting, forgiving and it was dicey -- I could feel this taffy like lure in my gut, that he, just like the scorpion who stings the frog and says he can’t change his nature, is like the devil. If I open up too far in compassion he will take advantage, and so I gingerly hold him at arm’s length, but ask all the helpers “above” me to lift him up, and lift me up from this vision of my entanglement and Unknowing.

On a bigger level, I saw that we each serve on one team or another, on some side that we will always take when driven to the wall by fear for our survival.

Ultimately, we each have to take responsibility for the darkness inside of us and recognize that it is also in others, but also from the viewpoint that no one is to blame, since the Darkness is that Mother Substance we know not of, and there are fish out there also created by God’s hand, who may feed off of us.

I guess the only “solution” is for each to find that Unit of Light within with which they Know, and see that That is what they have in common with all others, and lift themselves above identifying exclusively with their own little circle of substance.

Anyway I feel like this was part of a purge in me, and in the race psyche. I hope for all of us that the "devil" within each heart is coming out and that he then acknowledges that he has been there all this time, and the force of the Frequency Change is liberating him too, like a genii released from his millennium-long imprisonment.

At the temples of Angkor Wat they have the famous depiction of the Churning of the Milky Ocean, i.e., the birth of Kosmos by two forces who have a tug of war with each other. Graham Hancock in his Search for Lost High Civilization points out there are 54 Nagas of Light and 54 Nagas of Dark. These perfectly balanced forces of Light/Dark weave the threads of all the resonant gunas in the Mother Sea. 54 is harmonic of the 432 cycle, as well as a precessional number. All is number and frequency.

No Light without the Dark. What they usually leave out is the story of how this cosmic serpent spit forth a "great poison" which Shiva or Vishnu then drank, and it was the first entheogen. You could read it that it was the “poison” that killed the ego-mind of duality, but then revealed the God-Mind-Level in us and we saw that there is really no side to take, as Light and Dark in their tug-of-war creates this Kosmos...

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