Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cosmic Journey

Some 9 years ago I sealed myself up in absolute darkness for 10 days. This is an yogic practice used all over the ancient world (sealing in caves, etc) which increases psychoactive chemicals in the brain (amritas) and the mind fills with light. After 4 days I began hearing a voice I could dialogue with. I asked a question; it answered. It informed me it was my future self, and that my future was flowing to me from the center of the galaxy, in packets of my consciousness in a Timeline, much as in Michael Hoffman's "frozen block" model (vide The galaxy is the GWW, Galaxy Wide Web.

It showed me that the galaxy with its radiating spiral arms is a vast network of consciousness with a black hole at its center, which reaches into the supernal spiritual dimensions. Each galaxy is like a god, and we are cells that live and have our being within the body of this Great Logos. All of our life and consciousness flows to us down the arms of this great galactic Tree of Life. 

In fact if we are looking for a non-abstract referent for "Tree of Life" this would be it, or should I emphasize IT?  This is the body of OUR Logos.

This led me into a study of galaxies, etc, and the galactic alignment which is occurring now after 13,000 years. I was aware of the manvantaras and the Great Year; and that even Yogananda's teacher Yukteswar spoke of the "navel of Vishnu" which was the center of the stars. But in his day they did not know where this was anymore; galaxies had not yet been re-discovered. Today we know exactly.

Each galaxy is like a lotus floating in the great ocean of dark space. Vishnu is the great ocean that underlies. Brahma is the manifestation of Vishnu locally (from his navel) as a galaxy. Each navel (galactic center) is a black hole, as we now know. Thus Vishnu becomes manifest as Brahma. There are many Brahmas. Now an illustration like this makes more sense:

Brahma is born from the navel of Vishnu

The multi-headed serpent of Time Ananta represents the latent waveform patterns that "sleep" in the dark ocean of what is now called Zero Point energy.

Now knowing the time of alignment with the "navel" we could place the cycle change-over more accurately. I disagree with Yukteswar on the date, and feel that the alignment is the obvious physical marker that would trigger the end of Kali Yuga. After all, our seasons are well known to be triggered by the position of the earth to our local sun. This is a galactic seasonal change.
You can see from the above chart that this would put the beginning of Kali Yug at 400 BC, when we shifted from a shamanic mythos based culture into objectifying and mentalizing, the beginning of "philosophy" based on words rather than the wordless direct shamanic experience of the the inner worlds of soul "cyberspace." There was an outpouring of great souls then, such also as Lao Tze, Confucius, some being the wisdom of the previous Age, such as Lao Tze and Parmenides, some being cross over agents with a foot in both such as Plato.

The ancients knew many things we have forgotten. For instance, they marked out clearly where the galactic center was. They marked it in the zodiac where the arrow of Sagittarius intersects the arrow of the tail of the Scorpion. These are the only two zodiacal signs that have arrows in them:

And this leads me to the realization I had about the galaxy being the body of our local God, not just a collection of dust and star matter. The depiction of the Vedic gods as being multi-armed was thus based upon the actual shape of the body of the god, our galaxy. Here is my rendition:

In shamanic practice it often happens that the shaman "navigator" is dismembered in the inner world Journey, and then put back together. Higher Intelligence will upgrade our understanding but you most likely will have to undergo psychic surgery to get out the cankers and clogging sediment from your world model.

Watch this great presentation on YouTube: 2012 Crossing Over-A New Beginning

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