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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

What do we glean from these comments from The Problem of Good and Evil?

"For students of the Gnosis, let it be said:
Do not rail at or about what for the moment seems
to be evil; and particularly do not fight that which
is called evil.

Rather, learn its purpose - which is never 
the obvious or given one - and work with
that purpose, in oneself and in general.
The comprehensive explanations for saying this will,

little by little, 
be found in the instruction;
Carefully analyze this, and see what you are going to do about it!
For if you begin to call your own sense of guilt
the devil, unconsciously conditioning yourself to
fight the devil, you will be fighting your own sense of guilt.

If you cannot find and work
with the real purposes of evil, then forget the
shadow, study the light; don't look at the shadows
at all, just keep your mind on the light.

 In due course you will find that The Good is all;
 there is nothing but The Good
 including the hidden purpose of that which is called evil."     
-- Vitvan
Vitvan says if you don’t understand the purposes of evil, and can work with them, you should avoid this Shadow work for now, and stick to the happy Light side.  

What do we call "evil?"  Evil is that which opposes us, would take our life, would dine on us. That’s a relative position. When we fight to emerge from the cocoon of a state we are outgrowing, we have to struggle to get free. And those in the old state or Matrix don’t want you to take your energy from their group field.

When you go beyond them they feel it as a threat to their consensus reality. If someone leaves them, it calls into question the value of what they do. They need to find reasons why there is something wrong with you, rather than them.

Because we shared consensus values with them on a frequency level, these strings need to be pulled off of us so we can separate as in mitosis, as a daughter cell leaving its mother and childhood. Those strings now become values in us we have to shed, but heretofore they have been part of our survival construct, our emotional feeding trough. 

Now those strings and guna-constructs are to be abandoned. We want to get any trace of our Marj-ness, our Susanity, our Danity, our Unsanity, OUT OF US. (our Patsy-ness, our Baby Jane semantics-lite, our auto-plate Sikhers, our Dilly-Daltons...) These people and what they represent now to us have become as “evil,” that which opposes our life purpose. They say, “can’t we all just get along?” Meaning, don’t rock the boat WE have constructed for you.

Confrontation with them heats things up and exposes IN US what is left of those no-longer-functional guna-constructs, or threads. So we USE their “evil” to expose any remnants in ourselves, in order to get past them. Thus if we understand what is “evil” to us, we do not resist it in the sense that it has no place in human ecology, but we USE it to test and temper ourselves, to REMOVE those old survival modes that now hold us back.

NOR do we condemn ourselves for using our energy (anger to defend ourselves, and smiting back assholes who tread upon us) to break these ties and get their parasitical hooks out of us. We do NOT feel there is something wrong in us and therefore feel “guilty” over our actions. “OH WHY didn’t I meekly turn the other cheek and let them run over me??” Surrender doesn’t mean give in to THEIR values of what you should be doing, but to follow the Crazy Wisdom of your own Higher Self.

WE WORK WITH EVIL. It's all energy. We do not run away from confrontation and the fight. The fight is to separate and come out, and to do that, to be able to stand on your own, we need to be tested to see if we can hold our new grade. Without that testing, that fighting to re-order our forces and structure, it is just pretense and a mental model, or a hot-house Flower Newhouse state, that will collapse when put through the wringer.

We need to be challenged and beat up by the “evil” that is in us (old, no longer functional states). Those who run from the battle will not have their mettle and metal forged by the Fire. So, don’t be afraid to FIGHT and RESIST. This is Natural Order. Those who don’t see that and go boo-hoo about fighting don’t understand why we don’t resist evil , but embrace it, take it head on, say to it, “do your best. I’ll kick your ass and THEN I’ll move on.”
I have often had a vision of myself gradually moving away from all acquaintances... but I could say nothing... There were many old family-related emotional modules that could not be sustained, but unless they were stirred up and exposed again, I could not move past them (forced to let them go against my will), as long as their “evil” remain hidden in me. Eventually separation would occur.

How indeed can we find what is next as we explore the Unknown Continent, unless we leave the village?

But we have a Mythos told in our village, stories that we tell for those who will follow and who are called to the Hero’s Journey of Separation, Wandering, Exploration and Discovery. We owe it to those ones to keep the Mythos alive and clean. It is part of our duty to trounce and put back into their place any who shit on the Mythos, who only give it lip service and do not hold it Sacred.
Thus you can leave (for higher studies) at the same time you kick ass on those who run the middle schools, because it’s NOT about them and their little sinecures, but about keeping the Flame alive in the Temple. Their job is to sweep the porch.
All of us must undergo periodic review by the Father to see how we are investing our talents. And the older students are authorized to kick ass on the younger when they turn Home Farm into Animal Farm.  

So some might say that if we characterize the level of behavior at SNO as “evil” then we make a “mistake” by fighting against it. Detach. Do nothing is their advice.
But what Vitvan is saying is that if you consider things in YOURSELF to be evil, and you reject part of yourself, push it away, you will never escape “evil.” (Shadow self). Therefore recognize it as something to be looked into, accepted and studied. 

In a similar way others can be projected on and made to seem evil, that is, their purposes thwart ours. So we use their opposition to us to drive to the surface our hidden reactivity, so that we can not be controlled, but rather to work with the script we have been handed. Everything that exists is part of the Wholeness, of the Good. If we see that, then whatever happens to us we roll with. But this does NOT mean that we let ourselves be rolled over.

The Good has put in us the URGE to flower, to protect ourselves, and to multiply. Likewise the Good has put that urge into others who may oppose us. What we are to do is NOT do nothing, but to accept our part in the battle of Kurukshetra, to defend our ground, our existence, to let no one trample us, and so, support the Good. If our fight against those who seek to control and trample us pushes back on those others, then that is THEIR chance to deal with what they might call “evil.”   Krishna did NOT advise Arjuna to non-action, to do nothing, but to plunge in and play it out.

Egos have this idea of wanting to escape karma, so they live the life of pussies afraid to do something “bad” so that they can reincarnate to some kind of undefined nebbish life where they are happier and suffer less. But that’s the ego’s excuse to avoid discomfort NOW so that it can (it hopes) avoid discomfort in a FUTURE life.

What BS. When one starts to realize there is NO escape from being an expression of the I AM, and you have to flow with it, IT, then who cares if “you” fuck up in this life going overboard? Were you following your inner prompting? So you veer on and off some imagined course “up the mountain” and it takes a few more lives. Big deal. You’ve got millions. So play around with it.

Lions and Lambs don’t get along. Neither is “right”. Both should fight for their existence.

We have not told the Flower Newhouse babies they can’t have their symbolic garden work. We have even helped in the spirit of joining them as a group. But they have told us we cannot have our kind of "garden" work, and have thereby broken our willing spirit to continue to work with them.  Which of us then is more supportive of the Good when it comes to giving more than lip service?

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