Saturday, March 2, 2013

Escaping the Matrix

In a tape I recently dipped into, Vitvan was saying that when a person's psyche separates from the body and goes out, they mistake this for their “soul.” Then he quotes a story about the ooga-booga backwards Indians in the jungle, sort of a “they’re so primitive” put down. I’m going to have to delve into that...

We know there is a tradition that says the Soul must be developed.  This would imply it is the product of evolution.

Then there is a tradition that souls come in and affix themselves to these human animal bodies. Thus souls come from a higher world. They could be seen as “riders’ who want human experience, and this version of soul is a go-between body. This is the pygmy idea as I understand it (Now).

So evolution wise, our recepts ---> concepts bundles could keep aggregating until we develop a psychic body construct based on feelings, and this is turn refines into concepts thinkings. Now this particular body, psychic body, might well indeed be a product of evolution, or as I have seen it, the “fruit” of the biological stream expressed as a DNA body, that stretches and longs for “transcendence” that is to connect back up with the Solar God in the sky Whose down-pouring Ankh stream of Life energy is our daily food.

I have long suspected there are TWO souls, hence the Templar emblem, of two men on a horse. [See image posted at Juice of the Soul Fruit, 1/31/13,]

So according to Vitvan, the biological fruitbody, the astral psyche can separate and go out at night. But he indicates this is NOT the soul. Probably when one’s consciousness travels in this body, the content you see is still that of the biological constructs. The imagery we associate with normal dreaming. It’s separation is part of its longing for transcendence, to rise “up.”

So in some traditions the soul must be consciously created and made with intention. In Taoism they strive to collect and refine Chi to make an upper body, that they can travel in to prolong ones’ existence or “immortality.” Well, any body will fade in time, so “immortal” is relative.

Chi is collected in the navel cauldron or pa-kua, as the immortal fetus, (biological chi energy) then distilled upward and projected out to make an astral body.

This would be the biological fruit soul. I learned in Taoism that creatures on subtle planes will try to eat this, rip you off. They show it as a dragon eating the pearl, but we could also see it as reptilians sucking off our energy. Imagine that they run vast Buddhist monasteries where they cultivate the AUMing monks like a hive of bees, and then suck off the honey. This is one of the values of controlled religion, the drones obey authority without question, and keep producing the nectar.

The objectified version of Taoism, does not indicate this inner struggle to protect your soul fruit from the dragons. Instead they give a high abstraction story.

The Dragon Pearl
The luminous ball or pearl often depicted under the dragon's chin or seen to be spinning in the air pursued by one or two dragons is thought to be a symbolic representation of the 'sacred pearl of wisdom' or yang energy. Pearl symbolism, like lunar symbolism, arises from Daoist roots and the connections are extremely complex. This pearl can be said to stand most often for 'truth' and 'life' -- perhaps even everlasting life, which is made available to those who perceive the truth and attain enlightenment.

The dragon's pearl can also be though of as a symbol for universal Qi, the progenitor of all energy and creation. The dragons seem to be depicted in attitudes of pursuit. He is seen to be reaching out eagerly to clutch at the elusive object, mouth open in anticipation, eyes bulging with expectation of achieving the prize afforded by clutching the pearl.

In the Jimli-san version, there is also a Soul body that incarnates down, and represents the Logos, or ancestors, acting locally, as cork in the Stream of Tao.

Lower soul and upper soul seek to join in BALANCES of the Heart center, fusing to produce the equivalent of Philosopher’s Stone. An avatar as it were...

This has snapped me back to many old threads coalescing now

1. The spiritual path is to refind Source within ourselves.

2. I now equate That Source to "Soul," something we already have but lost. I was talking with some others and they intuited at once about the bright golden child that we have when we come in to incarnation. This is actually the essence of all that BS overlaid “spiritual” path work. People get “soul” when you equate It to the brightness one sees in a child.

3. Many of our teachers and traditions are connected to Star People, advanced civilizations and their remnants, underground and hidden ET streams.

4. Earth is now graduating from its long snooze in a high school fantasy phase.

5. Various colonists are here, are coming here. Hidden players and their human minions are being exposed.

6. We have important work to do, helping people find Source, helping and guiding them through this transition time.

7. All members of SNO should have the right to use Home Farm as a base, as a retreat, as a Sanctuary. Diverse opinions should be welcomed and encouraged, not hidden from and feared. 

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