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Psychedelic Vitvan

Psychedelic Vitvan
How the Field Works

Vitvan was an expression of the Wisdom Teaching of the Last Age in its summation, and in anticipation of casting its seeds over the waters into the New Cycle he spoke of. 

But frankly, he had no idea of what form the New Cycle would take; he projected his Old Cycle ideas forward, imagining a world where people grew up talking physics and General Semantics. He departed discovering at the end that he was really one of the "Dharma Bums" he had disparaged, he left as the First Wave of the New Cycle expressed as the psychedelic 60's hit the Old Guard like a thunderclap. He did not see or predict our rapidly etherealizing world knit together electronically in the non-local reality of the World Wide Web, our playful sense of virtual personalities, and the flood of information that will lead us into that future he anticipated when "secrets shall be no more." He, as the enthusiastic learner he was, would have been thrilled at all the new discovery and methodologies open to us.

As part of this transitional spirit he attempted to rephrase the older “metaphysical” language into a more scientific verbiage that he hoped would appeal to the technical and precise Western mind. He tried to make metaphysics respectable so as to build a bridge to unite the apparently separate worlds of spirit and science.

It seems to me that Vitvan’s use of the term “Field” to replace the more animistic ideas of Self-organizing Intelligence called Spirit, was an experiment of dubious success. We will never be certain what kind of effect however it may have had in the hidden worlds of hacking the human psychic code; perhaps infusing scientific materialist terms with his higher frequency consciousness floated a Trojan horse into the materialist worlds and paved the way for the plethora of Quantum Jumping Many-Worlds blendings of Science and Spirit we find in so many New Age ideations.

Most people have a general sense of a “field” as in “electromagnetic” field, an energy structure produced by the lines of force in the polarity of a magnet, or of the earth’s magnetic field.  First comes the magnet, then is produced the field.

But Vitvan was using the term as in a newer model wherein the Field exists PRIOR to the appearance of the lines of force. That before what we call our world comes into being is an "underlying" Reality that is Source. Today we might substitute the now much more commonly understood terms Source Field, Zero Point energy, Vacuum, or even more ancient terms like Plenum, Hyle. Here the term Field points at the Innate Function of Cosmos as Mind to Self-organize. In other words, IT is the principle of growth and coming into existence out of Beingness.

While this “something-out-of-nothing” sounding concept sure sounds like metaphysics, Vitvan would say there is only One Reality, and not something “meta” or “beyond.” The models of Nassim Haramein are now a beautiful bridging of this gulf, for we see how the Plenum is invisible to our senses because IT is a perfect balancing of all forces which puts IT at rest and beyond perception which is based on comparing similarities and differences.

But ENOUGH of this “physical” referent for Field. Vitvan still meant by the term Field that Fiery Spirit that is our very life, that brings us into this world, and is our true nature as Consciousness on Mind Level. And being as IT is our Root and true nature, IT is our Real Teacher to be found within each of us, not as projected onto some man named Ralph, or Jesus, or Buddha. And yet, we still have those who would objectify the “teaching” as being that which Ralph brought through.

Vitvan wanted his students to find that Spirit within, that I AM at our core, and then follow ITs dictates to each of us personally, to listen to the still small voice of our Higher Self, and to trust ONLY our own experience.

To find this Fiery Spirit within after you have grown up and lost the Joy of a child is not easy. One of the functions of a teacher or “master” is to infuse the student with their Darshan, a higher stimulating energy, higher frequencies, which act as a stimulant for growth.

These higher frequencies can produce results varying from taking the student completely out of their normal frame of consciousness to have a “mystical” or psychedelic experience.

Or applied more gently, to stir up the subconscious of the student causing unprocessed psychic materiel to bubble to the surface of awareness, producing a “purificatory” or psycholytic experience.

Over time Vitvan learned that most people could not withstand his full-on force and that such amplified frequencies can even make people sick, as he discovered back in the 1920’s when he enthusiastically let his forces out on a church congregation. So he learned to scale it back, to veil his forces, and apply them “homeopathically.”

In fact he stated that he did NOT want his students to practice chanting AUM too much as it would precipitate the purificatory process in them too strongly and he wanted most students to proceed homeopathically. He was a very kind man to his students whom he referred to as “babies.” But once in a while he would let the cat out of the bag and state that only 2% of them had what it took to really do the Work. For the other 98% he told stories in Sunday School, and wrote EXOTERIC books and lessons.

The real Teacher is not conveyed in words and tapes, but is met within the Student in the Fire of their own Spirit. For the sweetness and lighters who could not stand in this Fire he suggested they go on down the road to Flower Newhouse’s ashram.

Alas today it is those very same Flower Newhouse students such as Marj, Susan and Jane, and their gelded consorts Pat and Dan, who lord it over Vitvan’s School.

And they, lost in their sanitized confusion between the work of a real School, and that of garden puttering, comma nit-picking, and potato planting that belongs to a Farm, attack those whose enthusiasm for stepping into the Fire threatens them.

Stan Grof, the great psychedelic researcher, refers to the action of psychoactive substances as “non-specific amplifiers;” that is, JUST LIKE the higher frequencies that Vitvan would put on a student thru Darshan. These historically sacred plants and substances stir the student’s psyche, revealing the hidden (psyche-delic “revealing the psyche or soul”). In small amounts they produce the psycholytic effect of making the content of the psyche available to consciousness; in larger amounts they take one on the Hero’s Journey into mystical worlds within, including fearful confrontations, and ecstatic revelation.

Isn’t it ironic that these self-proclaimed “protectors” of the Teaching on the SNO Board can miss what is so clearly in front of their noses? And that they have become the prime OBSTACLE?

They maintain that any open discussion about the uses of psychedelics as an adjunct in spiritual work is "criminal" and could endanger the existence of SNO. Meanwhile Universities and many other government permitted non-profits such as hold annual psychedelic conferences where 100s of  credentialed researchers share research and hold workshops. Prestigious publications such as The Lancet, NY Times, Scientific American, The Chronicle of Higher Education, etc., have published even-handed articles on the return of research interest into psychedelic studies.

And it's not just the medical and psychiatric applications. "The expansion of psychedelics beyond medicine also received support. While Dr. Schuster was happy to see psychedelic research being conducted for specific psychiatric purposes," wrote MAPS deputy director Valerie Mojeiko, "he also actively advocated for exploration into the potential application of psychedelics for spiritual and personal growth and development-quite a refreshing perspective from a former [National Institute of Drug Abuse] Director!" (2010, 18)." (as quoted from the book The Psychedelic Future of the Mind: How Entheogens are Enhancing Cognition, Boosting Intelligence, and Raising Values by Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D)

SNO's letter to students explaining the eviction and ban states that "The Board’s decision was based solely on Jim’s public advocacy of illegal drugs." And yet, in the paragraph above you can read that even a former Director of NIDA "actively advocates" the very same things Jim did.

While the SNO Board rattling around in their bubble of fear saw fit to evict this student and ban him from even setting foot on the property for sharing information on these very same interests, which then led to other long time students leaving and breaking with this Board over these flagrant displays of paranoia and repression, it actually hasn't been all bad for reviving the Spirit of Vitvan before Its flame guttered under the suffocating atmosphere that prevails at SNO and Home Farm.

The eviction and ban led to the birth of the Vitvan Archive, these various blogs, and the birth of the movement. And it will eventuate in the shaming and removal of these petty tyrants.

O you vipers and cowards and Pollyannas, you whining  prohibitionists who offer grape juice and wheat wafers for Communion, one day One will come who will sweep you out of the Temple.

For Vitvan, children, WAS and IS psychedelic, and his teaching was about the Entheogen within. The plants and the trees who have stood in unwavering devotion worshiping the Golden Sun in the heavens for millennia, also have provided the true seeker the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge to find the Golden Sun within. For the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

And it is within you NOW.  JUST SAY NO to those who would deny you the right to find your own Path, to seek where the Spirit takes you, and who have not the courage to stand for your Freedom, and who ask you to depart and leave Vitvan's ship in their hands as they let it drift onto the rocks. 

We ask THEM to depart. You have failed to protect the Spirit of the Teaching. You have failed Vitvan.

posted by JW 3-16-13

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