Sunday, July 28, 2013

When Feel-Good replaces Feel-Know


For repeated violations of standard accepted practices of Organic Gardening, the following are De-listed:

Home Farm Garden Club
Susan Wetmore
Dan Hathaway
Jane Murray
Pat Murray

History: Home Farm, headquarters for Vitvan’s School of the Natural Order, included in its Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of pursuing Biodynamic and Organic gardening.

a)      Biodynamic is a form of Organic gardening that takes into account etheric and/or spiritual forces of the plant growth cycle, and strengthens them with special preparations to be added to the compost or soil.

b)      Organic in common understanding means the non-use and avoidance of exposure to synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. There is no such thing as being semi-organic just as one cannot be semi-pregnant.

Home Farm does not practice Biodynamic gardening, even though some members such as Dan Hathaway, self-promoted compost expert, understand the principles.

Recently Home Farm again voluntarily called in Tri-County Weed to spray the grounds, including resident areas inhabited by children and pets, with commercial toxic herbicides as part of an annual eradication program for “thistle.” Note that co-operation with this program is voluntary.

Susan Wetmore is a member of a cooperative weed management group and using her position as SNO Board member promotes the use of toxic herbicides all around the Home Farm property, while dismissing the complaints and concerns of other residents who have repeatedly objected over the past years.

Thistles are a problem for commercial agribusiness monocroppers. Home Farm does not grow crops. Thistles are a problem if grazing animals eat them. Home Farm does not graze animals.

Even though Susan received notification more than 12 hours before the day for the spraying, she did not send out warning to the residents until 5 a.m. one hour before the sprayer would arrive at 6 a.m. This left no time for those who are concerned about the side-effects of toxic herbicides, to remove children’s toys or animal feed from areas of possible exposure, or to leave the property before you might be surprised to find a strange man in protective gear walking around your house and yard area spraying unknown chemicals.

According to the representative Brandon at Tri-County Weed, these are the chemicals that were loaded onto the truck going to Home Farm:

  1. Telar
  2. Milestone
  3. Weedestroy AM-40
  4. Spreader 90
  5. Detonate
  6. Escort

It is up to the man doing the spraying to choose and mix whatever cocktail he decides based on the conditions he finds.

Tri-County is full of assurances that there will be no wind drift of herbicides onto gardening areas due to the skill of the sprayer; that warnings about contaminating streams, springs, ponds, and other aqueous areas will not be a problem. He says if one is worried about a exposure around your residence, one needs to “take precautions.” WHAT does that mean?

Persistent toxicity by Milestone has previously contaminated compost and caused thousands to lose their garden crops and organic farmers relying on outside compost to lose their certification. See

If you come to Home Farm hoping to harvest organic vegetables, are you willing to trust a commercially motivated company, or the judgment of Susan, Pat and Jane? Would you be concerned if the compost Dan has applied to the garden was prepared from herbicide contaminated grasses?

Those who have repeatedly heard for decades the assurances of for-profit chemical companies like Dow with Agent Orange, Monsanto with Round-up, and the list goes on, are not convinced.

Therefore for ongoing Failure of Stewardship Home Farm must receive the Toxic label.

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