Monday, November 12, 2012

Come Out From Among Them

Michael Hoffman in his renewed posts on
seems mostly focused in looking back over the arc of his life and his elucidation of the ego death maximal entheogen theory of history.

I think this is appropriate for any one who has reached deep self-reflectivity, to examine the history of his/her life and the ROLE played at that stage in the cosmic process. The one who examines is not the role played.

Likewise most of what Vitvan did was to try and reverse engineer what he had gone through, in HOPES his part in the Plan might provide guidance and some working tricks for other persons. He is the cosmic process discussing Itself at his, Vitvan's level. His fruiting was not done for us, but for ITs own purposes. We have to fruit on our own. But we are fed and driven by the same Mother's Light sap arising.

I think too much of what Vitvan ruminates over is not applicable to others at their levels. We must consider his works to be almost autobiographical, not a universal set of steps applicable to each. Here is where The School of the Natural Order (SNO) becomes dogma and an objectified worship of a "man" -- ironically a "man" who said we each have to become a clear channel for the cosmic process IN US.

So we can either abandon SNO saying we don't agree with Vitvan, or, we can follow Vitvan's logic, that each of us IS already the cosmic process, therefore a "vitvan" or "one who knows" is within each of us, and the more correct understanding of his stream is:

a. There was at one time an expression of the cosmic process called "Vitvan."

b. WE are also THAT. So we must each find "vitvan" in ourselves.

Therefore, we must clarify this stream to remove it from the worship of an objectified "Vitvan." In fact, objectification is the "Enemy" and anyone trying to "stop the Tao" and fix the Teachings in some historical mausoleum is violating the Stream, and Its very essence!

This might seem like hubris, heresy, and arrogance. To proclaim that you have found "vitvan" within yourself, and that you are a "vitvan" too, and that THIS finding is the very essence of the Teaching of "VITVAN," actually the collective "cloud" of Blessed Ones in whom we are integrated, and in fact, are leaves and fruit on the palengenetic trees within that same orchard...?

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