Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prometheus Unbound

Here is a long LaRouchean article, worthy of the read:

They have developed the thesis that Oligarchy has long been with us, treating humans as cattle, to be wiped out by wars, sexually abused, enslaved.  But growing over time was the ember of the URGE to be FREE and an individual of value to one’s own sake. Seditious and dangerous ideas floated around like that each one is made in the image of God, and thus could not be goyim or cattle. The Platonic school within Christianity kept developing this theme, but generally the old Oligarchs who infested the Church prevailed, keeping mankind dumb and down. Divide and conquer thru endless wars, religious wars, trade wars.

Periodic eruptions occurred: the Renaissance, Leibnitzian science to liberate souls and unleash the creative power (that aspect of being in the image of God) in each person. Bit by bit the movement toward Freedom gained ground, but always attacked by the oligarchs. Spiritual sciences were resisted and corrupted into materialistic sciences.

Music was developed as a strategem to open up passion in humans, energy of the heart and soul, and cultivate it into beauty rather than animal lust. People like Mozart and Beethoven were true Republicans, who used music to uplift humanity, and belonged to underground schools for Freedom, and supported that ember flaming up in America.

Central to their efforts was to tune their music to the Natural Order frequencies of unfolding cosmos, based on the 432 tuning for A. The militaristic oligarchs countered by retuning to a higher pitch which interferes with man’s native harmonic, thus squelching the creative URGE and kept man locked down into South Half lusts for sex, food, and territory. They use 444 even 460.

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And thus you can begin to see how deep the Vitvanian Stream to uplift, bring Freedom, and unleash creative energies to Beauty and the Good goes back. And the same oligarchs, or their robot minded sheep, continue to run religions and “schools” that oppress, enforce conformity, and throw water on the Fire that wants to blaze up in our hearts.

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