Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Harness Your Emotions

The idea is that our emotions are like animals, pure in their force.

Say we feel angry. That is a pure force, natural in the cosmos. Or think of it as say, a growling wolf... and why is the wolf growling? Some imaginary reason that should be "risen above?"  I don't think so.

It is simply force, energy. So we make friends with our inner wolf and harness it. We don't deny its energy but make constructive use of it.

Now we become a wonderful menagerie of NATURAL forces within, eagles that hunt with amplified vision, dray horses that work with powerful strength, elephants of endurance, cuddly bunnies, mammas of all kinds that protect their young, fierce devoted fathers that hold the space and territory against attackers, leechers, connivers.

This has the sense of shamans having totems or becoming animal spirits to draw on that strength.

Don't throw away any emotion, but use it, make it a friend, become Lord of the Beasts. If someone pisses in your water or threatens you with their game-playing (pun intended) intimidation:

Growl, show your fangs and always protect your cubs (your child within).

I AM woman! Hear me roar!

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