Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lincoln and Vitvan

Watched the movie Lincoln and it is very good, certainly recommended to fire your spirit, stiffen your resolve that good things can happen, but it is messy and on the edge. Expect an ongoing fight, and little thanks after. But it IS for certain we fight for Principle higher than whatever it is that binds the dinosaur normals in their rigidity. The Light gutters in their penumbrae, and Freedom cowers like a mouse of conformity.

So what we do, we do for the Vitvan in each of us, for the future and those who will come after. The Home Farmers have given up and have nothing to offer that inspires any longer.

The very issues that wrack us today were on the table in Lincoln's day. Two parties, both arguing that their viewpoint was valid. But were they right then, and are they today?

Marj argues that “rebels” threaten the Republic and she must cast them out. But her argument boils down to the Southern one: we have the right to protect our way of life, which translates out in action to “MY Home Farm” as defined by Marj, while she continues to look backwards into the rear view mirror.

In Lincoln’s day the rebels seceded; in ours, we were kicked out of the Republic...

Is it just as simple as two ways of life or two viewpoints in opposition, or is one of a more noble nature than the other? I would say that in “our” vision of Home Farm, we are inclusive; we have room for their “way of life.” Susan is welcome to putter in the garden and have conniption fits over dust bunnies; Jane can continue to polish her collection from the Gingham Bear shop and re-arrange the furniture. Pat can do his minimal amount and then go hide out. Marj can swat commas and persecute capital letters until the cows come home! They do fine work on the lowest level -- preserving the physical infrastructure.

But how about in the more subtle yet most essential levels, that of the Inner School of expanding spiritual growth and providing value to students?

Their version is exclusionary: those whose chosen Path upsets them, or embarrasses them in front of the opinion of their neighbors must be removed from the sterilized euthanized landscape. In defense of preserving their way of life, they do not shrink from attacking the God given rights of others, harming them economically, and breaking up families.

Lincoln did not have to want to embrace black people and had his reservations, but he was willing to grow and accept; and he never thought they were less than full humans with basic rights to the pursuit of happiness. He believed in fair treatment for all which means the Rule of Law; but life is not so simple. In order to preserve that historical wedge of Freedom and to Hold the Vision that it might come more fully to earth, he had to break the laws of his day. People can argue eternally whether he damaged the developing stream of law in history, but I say his argument was based on a nobler vision: that NO ONE is property subject to another, and any law that protected that insular view was by its nature inferior.

It is clear that Vitvan stands squarely with Lincoln in fighting for the historical movement towards Freedom for all to individuate according to the blueprint laid in each heart by God and Nature. He stood for a Home Farm and SNO “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” not just for a select group who impose their blindered will upon the student body.

It is clear who the real rebels and destroyers of the Union are, who hide behind self-serving rhetoric and justifications, but when the day is over, they are exposed as those who feel that they are "higher" than others. Like plans to ship black people away from America, these fake Vitvanistas like Pat Murray will come to your door and say, “You are a good student; but you must go elsewhere; we do not feel you fit in here [i.e., in “our” Home Farm].”

Even Vitvan admitted he did not like everyone who managed to settle in at Home Farm, but if the Field brought them there, he accepted it, for he believed there was a Union to strive for. Then as now, there are many who wring their hands, sit on the sidelines, and wish we could live in a world of pretense where all is fair, and that it is enough for them to hold this vision in their private worlds, or hang pretty prayer flags out, but who shrink from ever confronting those who would harm others in the presence of the entire community.
History and each one’s Higher Self will be the judge of who stood up for the Rights of All, and those who only gave lip service.
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