Saturday, November 10, 2012

What Makes An SNO Student?

Many individuals affiliated with The School of the Natural Order claim to be "students of Vitvan," but like so many other labels and phrases currently in use by SNO, there is little agreement about what this actually means. So, we have a few questions which we believe will help create a better context and definition:

WHAT exactly is it you do to keep learning?
What specifically are you NOW studying? And if you are actually a Board member or Advisor, how can you advise a so-called “school” if you yourself are not in school? 
What classes and seminars are you attending, what books are you reading, which practices are you engaged in, what exactly is it you DO on some regular basis to maintain your student status?
When people retort that, “Life is my school” this is a cop out. Life delivers more blows than it does elevations. If someone replies, "My study is of myself, I meditate," then we ask: WHAT insights have you gained through this practice? Can you describe these insights or teach what you have learned to others? If not, then they are using meditation medicinally, to relieve stress, which we are not against at all, but they are not using it to further Self-awareness, breakthrough, or to be a student of themselves.

Vitvan once said, “How do you know you are on Mind Level?" Answer: "Because IT tells you so!”  We can relate that this happens all the time under the amplification provided by entheogens, and although it seems heretical to the fundamentalists who cannot believe breaking through to Mind Level can happen without lifetimes of drudgery, it is simply not so. Of course we also have to consider that this may only happen for those who have found the URGE emerging in them.

In fact, we no longer believe we are in charge of making anything happen along our Path. When you examine WHY you decided to do a practice whereas you wouldn’t before, it always comes down to “I just feel like it now” or “what else is there to do?”  And where does that urge come from? From the flowering of the I AM using this personality as a vehicle. When teaching ordinary humans, the teachers explain it to them as if “they,” the ego, could make some decision and thus make it happen. And so they act from within the viewpoint of a persona, saying, "I want to be a better persona, make a better ego." But the ego is an artifact of reflected consciousness within the embryonic egg sac that floats within the Field put forth by the Higher Self.

In time it seems, we become less interested in what egoic plans we had going before and find our attention being drawn into some kind of curiosity about what makes our persona tick, and we finally start out on this Journey of self-development and discovery. There is then no turning back.

This is what defines a true SNO Student. 

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